Hello September!!!...Of Makeup, hair and photography

September is here already!!!
Can't believe it is the 9th month of the year 2014.
My life has been one roller-coaster ride.
Deaths, Local travels, move back to Lagos, job change, new friends made, friends lost and many more.
I am forever grateful for life, family, supportive friends and all that I have.

So my home girl, Sandra went to make up school and needed to practice for her final exam,
As a good friend now, I decided to become model and photographer for her 2 Saturdays ago.

I am finally getting a hang of the Nikon D3100. It is not easy to be a professional photographer oh. I am now looking to purchase flash and tripod for the camera join.

No form of editing or filter has been done on the pictures. All raw from the camera.

Model: Shola Ilupeju
Hair and Makeup: Sandra Ayika
Photograph: Yours truly

Model:Yours truly
Makeup and Hair: Sandra Ayika
Photograph: Sandra Ayika

Have a beautiful month of September.

Molara Brown


  1. You are really becoming a pro o
    Great pictures!

  2. Lovely. I like you both as a photographer and a model:)

  3. I can see you are really getting the 'hang' of your new camera, keep it up.

  4. Wedding photographer in the making!

  5. I don't know if it's the flash but the foundation used on both models is so wrong for their skin. Came out looking ashy and obvious instead of flawless and natural. The face should blend with the neck and rest of the body and none of these looks blend. Her eye makeup skill is not too bad though

  6. The last two ones are particurly stunning.

  7. Please prove you are not a robot....

  8. blessings.....
    the application is good however the base i.e. foundation is not. The foundation is not a suitable match for either of the models in each they foundation is way to light, the key to foundation application is to match the skin tone, there must not be a break between the neck, ears, side of head or there is a risk of the whole application process looking like a mask that separates from the rest of the body. The key is to blend in and have it disappear completely giving the illusion of natural skin.