This Ebola Virus

To be honest, I am scared.
This virus which seems to be uncontrollable and with no cure is scaring the shit out of me.

This morning while trying to get on the bus to work, there was this woman standing in front of the door insisting that no one should touch her.

I shook my head, amazed at the reaction and wondered why she was struggling to get on a bus when she did not want to be touched. But then I understand what she is thinking.

Yesterday on my way home, I work my jacket in the bus on in a bid to avoid body contact.
This morning, I was playing in my head a picture of Lagosians paranoid with fear of the virus. Imagining a Lagos where people refuse to get on the bus in fear of contact with an infected person, the streets will be empty. An outbreak of the virus in the Lagos will just be devastating because there no matter how careful one gets, there is no avoiding it except in complete isolation.

Everyday we talk about the virus in the office. This morning, someone suggested that we purchase hand- sanitizers for every staff in the office. I am constantly washing my hands like there is no tomorrow. A colleague was seen opening the door to he office with tissue paper, I refuse to be touched by people.

Sadly our government failed to take action till this epidemic was beyond their control.
I blame the Liberian government for not closing their border the moment they realized the risk of this virus. I blame our government for not taking precautionary measures to prevent this deadly virus. I even blame Patrick Sawyer himself for putting the life of many people at risk knowing he had the disease.

But then again the blame game will help no one. It will not reverse the harm the virus has caused. We all at risk. Below is some of the facts about the virus from DailyMail
I saw the tweet from Donald Trump is calling for a stop to flights coming in from West Africa.

It is unfortunate but then again he has a point. If Nigeria had stopped flights from Liberia, our lives would not have been at risk. We would not be talking about looking for secondary contacts of Patrick Sawyer or using N20 million Naira to build one isolation tent.

Please be safe everyone.


Molara Brown


  1. My prayers are with you and your people.

  2. I totally feel your apprehension Lara. So in addition to the whole situation being thoroughly annoying, is the crippling fear when one briefly considers the disastrous potential of things get any worse.
    Keep calm, stay safe and carry on... is my mantra at the moment. Awesome time to be in 'homeland'.

  3. i totally agree with donald trump, and i feel sad that the non chalance of our country keeps bringing about threats to our lives.x

  4. Sometimes I think Patrick Sawyer's coming into Nigeria was just to spread the Ebola virus. It is really sad. Ebola has taken BH's shine. I am still taking precautionary measures but God my life is in your hands because dying of Ebola isn't the best way to go.
    Uniquely different with Fredilia

  5. This Ebola virus is really unfortunate, it really puts one in fear one you leave your house. May we never come in contact with Ebola IJN Amen!

    @uniquely funny enough I tweeted yesterday that since ebola virus started spreading, I havent heard of boko haram.