Liebster Award

I know I am so uber-late in post this...well, better latter than ever and thank you all for the award. Unfortunately I shall not be following the rules as I am sure almost everyone has received the award anywhich sit back and enjoy my answers

Ani’s questions :

What is the most random thing you have ever thought about?
Life on mars

Justice or mercy? Why?
 It depends on the situation...sometimes an eye for an eye might be the best solution

What is your top favourite memory of all time?
 2011 birthday

If you could, what would you do everyday without fail?
Teach...even though I shy away from it, I know somewhere in my DNA, I should be a teacher.

What question would you like to be asked?
 Do I like to sleep? I sure do but nobody seems to be bothered about knowing that.

Tomi’s questions
The one that loves you or the one you love, which would you prefer and why?
Definitely the one that loves me...simply because his love for me would help me grow my love for him...shikena

What is your everyday routine?
Since I am jobless at the moment, 80% sleep, try to read few pages of any book I am reading at that moment.
Who is your best musician and why?
Celine Dion...that woman just knows how to get it and all her songs are classics.

What’s your must-have for the day?
Right now, water....I need to hydrate the body.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
A day spent with very good friends doing fun things or photowalks...none of that have I had lately

In the midst of her’s questions:
If necessary, glasses or contacts and why?
Glasses, since I am kinda clumsy, I just would not want that mistake of hurting my eyes in the process of removing the contacts.

If you met the PERFECT guy, and he was shorter than you (let’s say 2 -3 inches) would it matter?
2 inches maybe not but 3 inches would get as e be since I am also on the short to “ikeregbe” children

If money wasn’t an object, what would your ideal job be?
Teacher... ...even though I shy away from it, I know somewhere in my DNA, I should be a teacher.

What’s your ideal number of children?
Biological 2 at most 3 but if my idea of adopting children works out I would definitely would love about 5 children in all.

If you could speak any language, what would it be?
Arabic...It sooths my ears and some of the men are hot.

Enjoy your weekend people.

♥ Lara



  1. Amen to Arabian men *fans self*

    I read about the one way ticket to life on Mars too. Weird but interesting

  2. Lol @ ikeregbe children! Finally you got around to it :)

  3. Hahah… interesting. LOL@ ikeregbe children!

  4. Ikeregbe children? Na wa o. Lol. How u dey?

  5. You gotta do something about this teaching vocation that's calling your name o...

  6. Lmao! "Some of the men are hot" abi?