Weekend in Belgium

I was in Belgium for the weekend with friends. We were all members of AIESEC in Nigeria
It was a planned reunion, even though most people backed out in the end, those of us who made it had so much fun. A friend came in from the UK, one from the Netherlands, one of my housemates and I and our beautiful host.

It took us less than 3hours to arrive in Brussels from Bonn, we left after work on friday and travelled by road. There is this shared car method where car owners post on designated websites their travel itinerary and this is so cheap. Brussels is so cool and less structured like Germany. My housemate said Belgians are happier than Germans.

My housemate is the best travel mate ever, we were not ashamed to display out 'JJCness'. We were laughing so hard at ourselves and giggling like high school kids. Our hosts were so cool and I was so happy seeing friends again after such a long time. It was a rainy weekend in Belgium as well as Bonn, we are still looking for summer oh. The rain was not enough to dampen our mood.

Damiant Station
Brussels Central Station
At Brugge
When 3 girls gather together in a shopping village

The weekend ended with Barbecue made by our landlord. The man wanted to kill us with meat, at some point he said we were too slow in eating. Best weekend in Bonn so far.
I shall be on a blogger hiatus for the next one month, Nigeria is confirmed for mid August. Ramadan is only few days away.

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I could REALLY use that shared car thing in my life right now with all the suicidal road trips i keep taking.

    The pictures are really beautiful, good to know you're having fun. Stay blessed

  2. looking good Lara. Belgians are happy people huh? did they hav 'coffee shops' wink wink.
    hope u bought lotsa chocolates..

  3. Cool pics, Lara. We are still waiting for the summer in the UK too. I don tire for this awful weather.

  4. Looks like you had loads of fun. 9ja awaits you. Ramadan Kareem *hugs*

  5. Fun times.
    Please enjoy for two when you go to Naija.
    Ramadan Kareem :o)

  6. lovely pictures, love it girl, those cupcakes look delish!

  7. Lovely pictures
    Those chocolates look quite 'saucy'
    How can someone eat those 'special ones' in public??
    *cough* *cough*