The beginning of an end

Days to go and I am out of the Incredible land.
The journey has been incredibly adventurous.
A lot of stories yet unshared.
I hope to find time soon to share all them stories.
Thank you all for travelling with me on this journey.

The future is looking beautiful.
The future by God's grace will work out as planned.

Right now, I am thinking of how to turn my 3 big travel luggages and 2 big boxes into 30kg of luggages which Emirates will allow me carry.
My friend said I lived like I would never leave India again. I was just buying everything left right centre.
My flatmates and I made sure to make ourselves comfortable in India.

Pictures are actually just half of my stuff and I am staying over at a friend's place for the next few days.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Yes! "The future is looking beautiful and The future by God's grace will work out as planned", I thank God for seeing you through this journey.

    eying that shoe ooh! its my size too oo!!!. lol

  2. over already wow! i remember when you were going!

  3. awww it was fun while it lasted :)
    you have been tagged. check for details on my blog :)

  4. Wow. It is finally over. Time to move on.

    I don't get your blog updates again o. Soooo sad.

  5. u will have to pay for extra luggages if you do plan to take those stuff home or give them to people who need them. Being comfortable is key in helping one settle in a foreign land. you were LIVING in the country, not a tourist, so accumulating stuff to make your stay comfy wasn't a bad idea. I wish you journey mercies back home, and I am confident your future is brighter than you expect.

  6. The future is indeed bright, Lara. May God see you through.

    Pack the clothes; leave the rest. lol

    - LDP

  7. All the best with the move and the next phase of your life xoxo

  8. I thought you extended your stay Lahrah! I guess i was waiting for you to become an official Indian adoptee. 3 suitcases? you try!!

    All the best in your future dear.

    1. I extended for 6months only...time is up madam.