Travelogue-Mumbai: For I had a promise to keep

Why are you in Mumbai? Why did you go to Mumbai? Why are you not in Kerala with your flat mates?

These were the questions I was asked...
Everyone was wondering why I had to visit Mumbai on such long break.

I did not fall in love with Mumbai
Hyderabad has my love and would be my lover for a very long time.

Mumbai, I visited because of a promise
I am not one to make promises, because once I make one, I do all I can to fulfill the promise. I made a promise to my Ugandan friend, Berna to see her before she leaves India.
I bought my ticket the same day I got back to Hyderabad from Goa.

Had I known the importance of April 1st and 2nd, I might not have visited Mumbai on the date or would have gone by road. It is was the eve of the Cricket final between India and Sri-lanka.

The flight which was supposed to be 10 minutes earlier ended up been 35minutes late...the plane had to hover for another 40mins and my 1: 15hour became 2hours. All these delay was caused because President and Prime Minister of India at the time of our takeoff, were landing at the Mumbai Airport....I finally got to my friend's flat at 1am IST after several minutes of trying to locate the street.

My weekend in Mumbai I must say was really beautiful, one of my best moments since I came to India. Not like there were really exciting places to visit, but the joy of spending the evening with other Nigerians, speaking pidgin English, eat our local dish and just laugh about things made it really memorable and beautiful for me.

I got on the train for the first time in my life in Mumbai, when the guys were buying the train tickets and talking about 2nd class coach, I had the inter-state trains in mind, only for me to get on the train and have to stand and be squeezed in between men....the train experience was not that bad except moments when I am squeezed between guys.

I got to spend time with my naija family, eat Amala and Ogbono soup on Saturday, Eba and Okro soup on Monday....I got to watch the Cricket final for 2hours in a bar in with some of the ACERS and few Mumbai Interns. Even though I did not understand jack of what happening on the screen,  I jumped and screamed with them once in a while, for every other minute, I was completely lost.

It was so much fun having dinner and watching the excitement of the Indians after the game came to an end...The excitement was contagious and I was in such a happy mood...

On Sunday, I went to the Elephanta Caves with two friends and even though, I am bored from seeing temples in India, I enjoyed the company of those I went with.

Break fast on saturday
Yeah, the boys turned to their cook, made Egusi and Okro Soup for my friend, Chinedu.
Chinedu, Adonis (Benin Republic) and I
Lily and I
I, Feyi and Lily
Amala, Semo and Ogbono Soup, .
Thanks to Feyi for providing Elubo and Lilly for making the Amala and Soup.
TCS Naija family, Damola, Chinedu and Feran

The Churchgate Train Station
Yeah, at this point, I was lost, bored and struggling to stay awake
And the next day was the trip to the Elephanta Caves
Pictures in the next Post
All Pictures from my friend's camera

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. What an action-packed, fun weekend! Good for you! I'm thinking okro soup is okra soup...I love it, love anything with okra. Okra is verrrry popular in South Louisiana.

    Cricket is Greek to me. I went to a game once and thought it would never end. I don't understand what they're excited about. It just makes no sense.

  2. lol. You watched that match!! I did too though like you I couldnt tell what any of the shots everyone was screaming about meant. We had a Sri lankan with us so I caught my fun teasing her. I think this was India's first win in twenty years...not sure. The people must have gone a lil mad.
    That Okro/amala/semo dey do me strong things.
    You sure look like you had fun! Enjoy!

  3. beautiful pictures,i always enjoy myself whenever i spend time with my naija peeps.kai amala dudu....i want :D

  4. That must have been a great weekend, I can remember days with lots of naija students when we were still back in Scotland. You all look like you had great fun.

  5. you're having so much fun!jEALOUS!

  6. Nice pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. 1. It never fails to amaze me how for anywhere you go, you can always hook up with a small (or big) crowd of naija family! Nothing like such a good get-together for some major laughs!
    2.Be warned, you're falling too hard in love with this your india!
    3.You look hawt hawt Hot in some of um pictures!!!!(lol,xcept the tired out one!)

  8. Girl, you had yourself some fun filled weekend. I know nothing about cricket. I simply don't understand it. Ogbono and okro soup anyday mehnn!

  9. And from these pics, it's obvious you kept your promise. I love you really but I am so jelux!

  10. Looks like you had so much fun!!Lovely pics too :)

  11. Hey Lahrah, nice post on Mumbai. Hope you don't mind if we take it for our blogs page in DNA India.