The Month of the Diamond- Celebration of Life

My baby sister, Zainab was a year older on Friday...I miss that girl,I miss her trouble, I miss the way she woukd barge into my room and ask me some random question or tell me to warn Aisha for disturbing her precious life. I feel like a mother who is missing out on the progress of her child.

Saturday was supposed to be Fuad (my late cousin)'s 28th birthday, it also happens to be the birthday of a wonderful ex-roommate turned friend.

Yesterday was a paternal Cousin's birthday, even though we have never met, he is such a wonderful person. He is such an exceptional man and I can only pray for God's blessing and Grace in his life and that of his family. 

Tomorrow is my cousin, Deola's birthday...She is in the Uk, I am in India...for now we are far from each other's world.

I shall be a year older in 8days...I don't even know if I will be celebrating. I am thinking of having dinner with my flatmates as they are my family for now. Maybe go to the club for the weekend, celebrate with colleagues.
I still have 7days to plan for that.

This morning,, I woke to read, the post of a friend to his late friend....I don't know what it means to lose a friend but I know what it is like to lose a loved one. 

The first quarter of the year is almost over, I have spent 4months and 3days in India, far away from love, home, and family...In the last 4months, it's been death all around. Watching the New-Zealand quake live on TV, watching the Japanese tsunami and wishing in my head, that I was watching a movie. Reading and listening to the news of the Libyan, Ivory Coast and Bahrain uprising and wondering what the hell is going on in our world.

I was never one to be shaken by death...but any news of death gets to me nowadays, even if I do not know jack about the person. Some interns were teasing me the other day about the Japanese quake, and was wondering why I was so interested and emotional watching the water wash away the lives of people.

In the midst of all these sadness, also is joy for some. My Uncle by marriage celebrated his 80th birthday in February. Some days, I am jealous of the man, to me he has lived such a fulfilled life...not that it has been all rosy for him, but in all I must say, he is a happy man. 

Not everyone will get the to chance to celebrate such age, just like the death talked about in my friend's post. but no matter how long or short our life is, it is the joy amidst the pain we leave in the heart of our beloved ones that matters. In my friend's post, I saw the love he felt for the deceased, the impact she made in his life. She left such a positive imprint in his life.

This is what I wish for, no matter how short or long my relationship with people, all I care about is the mark I leave in their lives...I love to always be remember for good and whenever I am remember, I want a smile across your face and not a frown.

It is a new week, It is the month of the Diamond and like the Diamond, I wish everyone a sparkling fulfilling week.  To all the April aka Diamond darlings....wishing you all a Happy Birthday.

N.B: Sorry I had to put up such a sad and uncoordinated post on a Monday morning, but I have just been down lately with all the sadness around me and I just had to let it out.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Sorry hon Happy birthday in advance. The Lord will provide succor to you and lift your spirits and comfort for all grieving hearts too. It is well

  2. Awww, may all friends and family have wonderful birthdays. It has been a hard year so far, but we can only count our blessings.

  3. happi in arrears to ur baby sis and to u in advance.
    the whole deaths all over and violence/natural disasters really leaves me in a sore mood. #
    cheer up babes and the very best in ur upcoming celebration

  4. so many april shidren...the death stories are can only pray...Happy Birthday to u and your families :)

  5. Wonderful post Lara. Libya and Japan, Ivory Coast Congo. Its been a harrowing first quarter. We can only do our little best in our little world. Birthday blessings to your family.

  6. its so unfortunate that people have to die especially when they are kindhearted and graceful people.
    It is well.

    Happy birthday in advance dear

  7. Happy Birthday in advance. It's often healthy but it can be a difficult thing to take stock of life sometimes. Still we soldier on and appreciate it for what it is.

  8. happy birthday in advance. you are Taurus too.......

  9. Birthday wishes and we can only hope and pray for peace in every form.

  10. This death thingy is really sad. I lost two folks this past week and one of them came to the UK for hols and died just like that. But we that are alive just have to keep thanking God for the gift of life and His grace. ITs just been so sad.

    Happy birthday i think...or