I Thought She Was The One by Aigbe Igunma

I could have sworn she was the one. She was pretty, intelligent, spiritual, interesting and she laughed at my jokes.

All of the above was good enough but because of my spiritual background and associations I also needed spiritual signs in case my very spiritual friends asked me "Did God tell you she's your wife?"

I prayed and looked for signs and I got plenty: dreams showing me things about her that she hadn't told me but which she confirmed to be correct, seeing her very Nigerian name written in the middle of a book I bought at a used book store and many more such signs.

My spiritual friends were more than convinced that these were more than mere spiritual coincidences. To them, these were sure signs in the sky that I'd found the One.

One of my mentors was not so convinced. He felt that all my cosmic coincidences were not enough. He said he saw very fundamental differences in goals and outlook to life and so didn't think it could work. Well, i just couldn't discard all these sweet signs in the stars so I continued in love's quest. Eventually though, those fundamental differences that my very wise mentor saw came to the fore and the house I had built on signs came tumbling down.

In 1999, knowing that Nigerians are a religious bunch, the sellers of the Obasanjo presidency told us about the obvious signs showing why Obj was God's anointed. They said his release from prison made him a modern day Joseph. They said he was now born again and that God wanted to use him to repair Nigeria exactly 20 years after he handed over power in 1979. So they made Nigerians vote for Brother Obasanjo. And ofcourse we all know how that ended.

Today, we are being sold the spiritual significance of how Goodluck Jonathan has emerged as Nigeria's president. Surely, they say, this must be the Lord's anointed. A man who became Governor and President through such extraordinary means must be God's man.

But alas, the signs will not be enough. Signs must not trump sense. They must work hand-in-hand. What kind of governor was Goodluck Jonathan? What kind of man is he? Does he have a record of performance or seeking solutions?

I am not yet for or against Jonathan. I am still watching, researching and praying. But when it's time to vote, let's not make the mistake I made in my story or the mistake we made with Obj. The signs may be good but they are not enough. Let's find out more about the man. Let's use both signs and sense.
by Aigbe Igunma

Molara Brown


  1. hmmm, Jonathan GOd sent?I havent thought towards that direction yet oh. i think generally, people just tend to try to associate things to be spiritual and kinda God sent if it happens in a way that seems like it has a purpose......have a fab weekend!

  2. I agree with JFN.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. As people depending how you're raised and believe in for you to give something a spiritual connotation!