HouseHelps...what ever happened to them

It's been 3 three weeks since my aunts house girl ran away, I know of households where house helps are maltreated but one thing i know for sure this girl was not maltreated at all, Iyabo is her name. She was treated like every other person in the house, she eats what every one eats, sits with everyone sees and has a room to her self, bathroom and toilet included.

Her reason for running off is yet unknown, she ran off with about Ten thousand Naira, her mother told my aunt not to bother herself that she will show, more like she knows where she is, even though she claims not to know her whereabouts.

Yesterday someone told my aunt She saw the runaway help selling pure water on the ever having hold-up road of Sango ota. Am wondering how she find life hawking on the street better than life sitting in a shop and eating whatever she likes.Guess we never are contented till we experience the other of life

Last week, was at another cousins house and her uncle came in with his house help in tow, the girl wanted to go. The man had brought her back to my cousins because that was where he got her from. The said house help told her boss, she was sick and the man asked what was wrong with her. Her response was that the work she was doing was too much, the man amazed ask what she does, because she does not cook for anybody or do the laundry, she said, washing the man's car once, opening the gate when the gate man is not around and sweeping the house was too much work for her and was causing her to fall sick. a week after, she told them she wanted to leave and the man told her to pack her bag and brought her to my cousins.

Another uncle's wife also went to arrest family of her runaway away house help, before the golds and money the idiot stole was returned.

House helps nowadays do not want to work for the money they earn, back in the days when you hear gist of house helps running way, what come to mind is they are been maltreated. I know sometime, the people who bring them lie to them but when you stay running away is mad, stealing properties on the way is the height of it.

My aunt is planing a trip to Sango Ota, because when she went to report the missing girls case at the station, she was told to bring the girl down for identification or whatever they called it for the case to be closed.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. Wow.. such a strange story. From home to hawking in traffic? It seems to me like someone brainwashed her or she got "smart" thinking that with N10,000 she can live make her own living. Which is just absurd because that's not a lot of money at all.


    I'm still on the fence on the subject of house helps.

  2. True sometimes they are maltreated, but in recent times helps have been giving people a hard time. They dnt want to to be of any help, and complain at the slightest things. And wats mre shocking is how the alternative that they run too is never better.

    Oh well hope ur Aunty gets her gold and things.

  3. @Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07: She got them back
    @miss.fab: she was obvious brainwahsed

  4. Im scared of househelps and the nastiness they get up to...I would rather have one that comes in twice a week...than having one that stays over...

  5. She was just enterprising .... hmmm
    she'll find out the grass hawking ain't greener than where she was and would probably end up back in helping out clean someone's home until she leaves via the right means
    I wish your aunt luck

  6. I'm glad your aunt got her stuff back. It's strange with some house helps, it's like you can't satisfy them.

  7. N10,000.IMAGINE!!!Like,how far can that possibly go?!
    I'm with SisisYemmie: Helps that come in frequently make more sense. Was never too comfortable living in with a total stranger,you can never tell what they get up to.

    Oh,n HIIIII-YOU!!!

  8. helps have become a terror, they dont want to work and dont like to be scolded..the best bet is someone that comes in a couple of times or better still, a relative cos if u have lil ones, u def will need some help