"Oro" The Deity no woman ever sets her eyes on

On Tuesday, I got a call from my mum, telling me, I had to get home before six pm, as there has been information that the "Oro" deity was coming out. Things is we got a new King at my end after such a long battle and according to the Yoruba tradition, the Oro deity must come out. Sharply I carried my bag and rushed straight home. By 5.30pm, the streets were deserted, window blinds were pulled down

"Oro" is a deity that the woman never sets are eyes on, anyone who sees it never live to tell the tales, as she would be the sacrificial lamb. It is a revered deity, even a man who is not strong enough, he could also be used as a sacrificial lamb. Sacrificial Lambs are needed for make rituals for the coronation of the King.

Molara Brown


  1. Blogger must be acting up. You suddenly stopped showing up on my blogroller. So, went through the posts I missed. Maya's poem is one of my favorites. She's extrodinary. And, Girl, you look terrific in green. Definitely your color!!! If I hadn't lived in Africa I wouldn't understand Oro's visit.

  2. do they still do oro? it's been long i heard about that,and where exactly are you talking about

  3. I've heard of Oro before. I think it's interesting that we still have kings that practice needs to go.

  4. @ Kittie: Love Maya's works, she is a great author and poet
    @ gidiasianbabe: Oro is still very much practiced, the area is Ijegun-Ikotun
    @ Suru: that practice seriously needs to go

  5. Oro,hahaha sorry oo,no let them catch you oo,i ve not heard of that for a very long time

  6. This Oro culture is just like something righ out of a horror movie. Its still shocking that this crude practice still takes place...the deity must be the devil himself...sacrifice ke?