25 Things.

Isn't the cake lovely...you can take an e-bite
1. Family is first...that’s after God sha oh…my mum and sisters are my world…subsequently future husband and children can take over

2. I am a Muslim, a believer in God, the prophets, the Qur’an and to those who are asking why I am a Muslim, I don’t have to explain my choice.

3. I have always been, used to been in control, finding it difficult to let others control me.

4. I am most definitely adventurous and future hubby sure must be.

5. I’m the third child of my father, the first of my mother, and the only child they have between them.

6. I was born left-handed, but thanks to Iya Ijebu i.e. my late grandma, that was never to be...she connived with and coerced class teacher to force my right hand to work.

7. I always wonder why people say am rude, proud and love wahala but am so humble, gentle but wahala loving

8. I am a sucker for friendship, I treasure my friends...they excite me, make me laugh and talk endlessly, give me hope...I know have been a bad friend lately, please forgive me...I have gossips, pretentious and bossy friends...can’t stand them...

9. I’m a talkaholic, okay my family already know this; don’t know who talks more between my sister, zainab and I.

10. I love to argue, it’s so much fun to antagonize...find it funny when people get angry when am arguing, we don’t have to on the same page...that is why lawyers are making money...

11. I love and yearn for my “me time”, my room is my favourite place in the house.

12. I believe I am a guy trapped in a female body, not that I don’t love being a girl.

13. I love breaking rules it’s just fun when you don’t do what people expect of you

14. I have a thing for photography...love capturing moments and nature...

15. I am a very bad listener, I just pretend to listen but sincerely my mind is totally elsewhere.

16. I love having fun, I love the outdoors but am more of an indoor person

17. I am a procrastinator, I seriously need help with this

18. I am a hyper active person, easily get bored and can’t stay on things for too long...is that bad?

19. I was interested, still interested in a career in the military, talking air force and navy not army oh...

20. I can dance from now till tomorrow, don’t know where the energy comes from, it just grips me and am lost in it,

21. An eccentric music lover...even though am hooked on Kate Voegele for now, Celine Dion is my all time favourite......

22. Never tasted custard in my life

23. If I were taller would have been a model...attended modelling class for a day and when I woke up the next day with pain all over, I forgot about it.

24. Was bullied at the primary school I attended for class five

25. Love quotes, poems and most definitely bags...

♥ Lara

Molara Brown

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  1. Very interesting write up! And no need apologizing for who u are! it is what it is! They either deal with it or bounce--with reference to ur religion!