Today is my first day at work.
Today is a special and unforgettable day to me.
Today is the 13th year rememberance of my grandma-"Iya-Ijeju"
The woman who taught me to love
The woman who nurtured and took care of me.
13 years ago around 8pm, she passed away.
May Almighty Allah forgive her sins and grant her eternal peace-Amen.
This is not my first job perse.

In the last 6 weeks I was working as a sales rep for an insurance company. With that job I realized you have got to have passion for a job for you to be able to deliver. I really never had a passion for marketing perse...I have always avoiding this profession like a plaque. I was really bored at home, so I took the job and I just could not deliver.

My new office is on the Island-VI to be precise. Now I join the thousands of people who face the terrible traffic jam of the island who has to leave the house at odd hours just to beat the traffic and get to work early.

For my 1st day, I am two hours late. Left the house for 6.30am and did not get to the island till 10. The traffic was just crazy. I am given grace today because it's my 1st day. Will move to my aunts from today. That is still very much shorter and I can still get to beat the traffic.

I would be working on a conference generally the planning and implementation of a conference which is scheduled to hold in september. I guess all CC positions in aiesec is paying off.

My first day so far has not been bad...just got back from a meeting with the company's potential media partners and I would say am loving it for now.

For how long I don't know......................

Molara Brown

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