Accra with IrinAjo_ng

So I mentioned in my 2016 review post that I would be ending the year in Ghana with Irin_ng.

This is the third time I will be travelling/exploring a place with fellow Nigerian bloggers. 

The travel plan between my friends and I was to visit Cape Coast in December, but in between my cancelling (Plan was to visit Sout Africa in Decemeber), I advised my friends to get in  touch with Irin_ng and go on the trip along with them. I decided to join the trip last minute due to the cancellation of my South Africa travel plans. Our major reason for going on the trip was Cape Coast since we already explored a bit Accra in August (here and here).

Asides from Sandra and Tayo, I met for the first time every other person on the bus.

The journey from Nigeria was fun and almost smooth until we got to Aflao and everything went south from there due to no fault of the organizer. I watched with amazement how a perfect plan crumbled and how someone can stupidly disrupt the world of another without any feeling of remorse. 

I learnt a hard lesson on how unreliable transport operators can be. The importance of a written contract when requesting or giving service to another party. 

Thank God for the awesome people I traveled with. I couldn't imagine travelling with an irrational or impatient person. The gang was so cool and understanding, we understood that the situation we found ourselves was beyond the control of the Damola.

Sadly we couldn't make it to Cape Coast due to the numerous issues that came up.

So even though the trip did not go as planned, we did our best to enjoy every moment.

The Gang



So this time around I get to experiment with food.
I got to eat Ghana Jollof and Banku and even Eba.
This is one reason I always look forward to the Hilla Condji border

Hot Pepper (actually raw pepper)
Banku and Okro Soup
Ghana Jollof, Tayo is the only who believes their Jollof is better than ours

I am off on my South African and Kenyan adventure.


Molara Brown


  1. Ghana jollof better than ours??? Lai lai.

  2. Nice! that Banku and okra though. I'd be willing to taste it sha..

    Have a wonderful time in SA & Kenya.

    1. The Banku and Okro was not bad, ate it twice. SA has been awesome, off to Kenya today.

  3. Good, you guys still try to have fun regardless the obstacles.
    Wishing you safe journey to kenya.