10 years of the Labyrinth

10 years ago today, I posted my first post on this blog.

What a wonderful year, It was a thank you post.

It took 2 years to get me into the world of blogging.

The first time I heard about blogging was in 2005 at an AIESEC Conference in Abeokuta, we were all encouraged to document our AIESEC Experience and I got to read a lot of blogs after that.

It is amazing how this blog has evolved.

From documenting my AIESEC experience to my final year as an undergraduate to the bus diary and finally the identity of a travel blog following my adventures in India and Germany and back to Nigeria.

A couple of days back I read some of my old posts and I am reminded of my growth, of the past, of the joys and the sadness that has been my life in the last 10 years.

I remember opening an anonymous blog and having to abandon it when I was slowly unconsciously revealing myself on it. This blog was abandoned then. There are days I wished this blog was anonymous or that I never shut down the anonymous blog.

I miss the days of Aloofar who has now unveiled himself as Chris Ogunlowo, Original Mbeke, Diary of an Exschoolnerd, BrownSkinNaijaChic and all many others who have abandoned blogsville for us.

Even though the blog url has changed a couple of time, the blog name has still remained the same.

I know I have not been a consistent blogger, consistent blogging no be beans.

10 years of sharing snippets of my life with the world has been one hell of an experience.

Thank You to everyone who has passed through this blog, left a comment and sent a message. You have no idea how much this means to me.

I hope not to abandon this space anytime soon.
Maybe someday I might  walk away from it.
I know I won't shut it down.

While the zeal is there, cheers to more years of blogging.

Until my next post


Molara Brown


  1. Oh wow! 10 years?! That's no joke. Congratulations on this milestone and I wish you success onward. I hope you don't abandon this space soon as well :)

    1. I hope not to abandon this space as well. Do enjoy Togo

  2. Congrats! I didn't realize you were one of the earlier bloggers. Kudos and I'll be looking forward to seeing more posts. Do an AMA...

    1. I was in my own world before exploring Nigerian blogsvile... The posts will continue for now.

  3. Oh wow! 10years and counting! It definitely isn't beans. I miss those old days too. I followed blogs for a while before deciding on starting mine as well. Days of Carl with a C, Mz Cynic, Late cunning linguist, Afro babe, etc sigh Good times

    1. The good old days when the stories mattered. The list is endless.

  4. Awwwww. How sweet. Your blog has been supercool.

  5. 10 years!!!!! That's something! I sure do miss alot of the old bloggers too.

    it has indeed been a pleasure following your journey!!!!

  6. Damn! 10years is a while. Congrats Girl...More Grace and Much More Travels

  7. Aww congratulations to you! That is such a huge milestone, ten years. Wishing you more success. xx

  8. Happy blog anniversary Lara. You have sure come a long way.

  9. Happy new year and 10th blog anniversary.
    You've gathered a lot of memories along your blogging journey and travelling, which is a treasure to cherish for a lifetime!

  10. you've been blogging 10 years ??? WOW so cool , keep doing it babe
    also check out my blog


  11. Wow, Congratulations Lara, you are one of the OG's!!!
    I had no idea you had been blogging for so long :O
    10 years no be beans at all, More Grace:)

    Tuke's Quest

  12. WOW 10 whole years? thats a milestone! congrats darling blogging no be beans oh. lol i pray i get here.