2016: Moving out of the Comfort Zone

2015 was the year of happiness and new beginnings and while writing my review of last year I realized it was more of new beginnings than happiness. Last year I started my masters and moved to a new organization.

2016 is a rough year the world over and I am no exception. 

2016 is the year I moved out of my comfort zone.
I wrote in my review that 2016 will be the better year and I sure made it better.

So below is a breakdown of my year.

Education: So last year I started my Masters in Managerial Psychology programme at University of Lagos. I wrote my final exams in June and I am proudly a Masters degree holder. Convocation is in January next year. This was not an easy something, I almost dropped out at some point. When my first semester result came out last year, I got way below the required minimum GPA for graduation. I had to work extra hard in my second and third semester which is why graduation is even possible. Mom is insisting I attend the convocation ceremony but me I can't even be bothered, but I just might change my mind and attend. Now I can face writing my CIPM exams in the new year.
Classmates....the day we wrote our last paper

Career: When I started the year, I had a resolution that I was going to resign by June.  I was going to leave the organization even if I didn't get an offer somewhere else. Working at the organization was draining me emotionally and mentally. It was not easy going to work daily. I lived in fear of getting fired for the most flimsy reason. I couldn't deal with the politics and when My direct manager's contract was released, I knew it was only a matter of days before I leave.

You see the relationship between my overall boss and my new direct manager was not healthy. I sat through my performance appraisal debrief meeting in January and all I heard from my new direct manager was that the overall boss was complaining that my former direct manager and I were always talking about him. I gave up at that moment and knew that for the sake of my sanity and career, leaving was the best option.

When I resigned and was offered the option to ask for a salary increase, I declined. They were willing to pay me what the new organization was offering and I could even get more but I knew I was done. I visited on the 21st of this month and seeing everyone reaffirmed my belief that I made the right choice.

I joined a digital Marketing Agency is May, funny when my erstwhile CEO told me in 2015 to go take up the position at this current organization, I just "Yimued" and went my way. Fast forward 2016, I applied and was selected. It been an amazing 7 months with it ups and down, but I am glad I made a decision to move.

Changing organizations has made me realize my strengths as an HR Practitioner. I have learnt that been a specialist is not for me, Generalist HR is the way forward for me. I get bored easily and restricting myself to one aspect of HR, like I did with the last organization is not a good idea.

Family: This year is a year of new additions. A number of my maternal cousins gave birth and my sister Aisha also had a boy this December. 


Last year I read only 3 books.

This year I went on book reading spree. The moment I finished my exam in June, I was reading everything. I have finished reading a total of 25 books and currently reading the 26th. Re-reading some and discovering new authors. I hope to top this number next year.

Travel: So this year travel chopped my money well. Every where I visited this year was novel, I went chasing 3 waterfalls and finally visited Ghana. From Ibadan to Ilesha to Owa Kajola to Lomé and Accra. I am off to Accra with Irin Ajo on the 27th. I decided to visit again and actually tour the nation.

This is just basically a summary of my year.

I hope to travel more in the new year and to achieve this I have to work extra hard to make sure my account does not turn red.

My first international trip for the new year has been confirmed, visas sorted, air ticket sorted, remaining accommodation and PTA.

The one thing that really did not get as much attention from me this year was photography. I need to find time for it and start churning out beautiful pictures.

I pray 2017 will bring us peace in the world
I hope to focus on my personal business and get it rolling in 2017.

What is the one thing you achieved this year that you're most proud of / the highest point of your year?

How was your 2016?


Molara Brown


  1. I love how you have condenced your year in brief. I had an amazing 2016 and actually might just do something similar to this post. Its good to reflect on what worked well and what did'nt. I enjoyed reading this post.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy holidays.


    1. Happy holidays, looking forward to your post.

  2. I agree with Steph, this breakdown is really nice. I might also implement it. You sure had a good year and weren't stagnant. Pretty cool. Merry Christmas. Hope you had a good one.
    My Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

    1. Happy holidays dear, May the new year be good to us.

  3. I enjoyed reading your review...very interesting.
    Congratulations on your convocation and job.
    Wishing you a happy new year in advance.

  4. Lovely Lara!
    Congrats on completing the masters and on the new job! The bits about them offering to match the new salary had me daydreaming about resigning...God bless the day!
    Looking forward to that next travel update!
    All the best for 2017 babes!

  5. Lovely overview with the perfect balance of ups and downs. Wishing you a brilliant new year :)