Global Village 2012

I flew back to India on February 1...the next day I had to fly to Chennai for the TCS-ACE Global Village. I and few others had the opportunity to attend this event twice. Most interns usually get to attend just 1. This year's event lacks the excitement, connection and zeal of last years but the energy was pretty much the same.

Below is a video of all the continents roll-call.
 The Dishes
I can't remember which Country made this

The Making

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I want some of those delicious looking meals.

  2. Oh wow, you all cooked the stuff together! That's really something. And it looks like all the food turned out great. I see naija :)

  3. Wow,some of the foods look yummy; while some won't come near this girl's mouth. I can be a picky eater :P.

    Overall though, it must have been an awesome event.

  4. Dodo representing!! Una well done joo.
    The food looks so yummy though...

  5. Very nice. I guess you guys had a swell time in the kitchen

  6. Everything looked so delicious, I wanted to dive into the screen. Really happy everyone got to share and have a fun day.

  7. Love to taste one of them, okay I will be honest, all of them!Is that a sort of food festival?

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  8. No wonder you keep looking fresh everytime, I hope you guys get the opportunity of learning to cook these other dishes? cos I think that'll be alot better than just tasting them all the time.

    And yes, I want some dodo!!!

    1. Yeah, we go a CD which has all the recipes...not sure we are given how to prepare the dish sha. Most people self went on google to download their country dish, no be everybody sabi cook oh :D