My Version of the Experience: African Xperience in India

The way to be successful requires you to be yourself and continually upgrade your skills

The Asian part of the world has always been a huge mystery for me. When friends asked me, “why the hell are you going to India ” (because they would rather have me go to the West), I simply replied; for about 20 years now they have been leading Technology with an increasing economic growth and I long to discover how they are working on bringing their people out of poverty. And if that was not convincing enough, I told them working for the biggest IT Company in India and having the name TATA on my resume to add to my international experience was enough. I really did not mind their opinions. I knew what I wanted and I was going for it.

We had a huge canteen where thousands of employees will gather at lunch. Lunch time is always fun because you have to be smart to grab a chair and your food. Queuing up is always a risk when you get there late.

One good thing is that I came as a French Language Translator and I left  as a Business Analyst. Along the way, my job opened my eyes on the business world and I just had to upgrade my skills. I love everything that has to do with analytic-solution design-processes. I believe in business technologies and I hope to bring my knowledge back to enhance business in Africa
India as a nation has skin issues and it is so obvious in their culture. A friend of mine said “India has made me race conscious and that is not good”. I feel very much related to this but I think it is very good. We just have to accept who we are and be tolerant enough to accept the differences of others. I really had a hard time adjusting to the Indian culture because they consider “black” not to be beautiful and they despise most black African-originated people. But I have to be very satisfied with myself beating all of their expectations. I can see the look in their eyes when they hear me speak really good English, talk in a wider social and knowledge perspective. Yes I am black and fucking smart.

It was a great time meeting many Africans from all over continent. Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt, and Tunisia. What I personally did not appreciate about Africans is they rarely meet up and get together like other people do. I had the feeling there was a lack of unity and understanding, but at the end of the day, we as a community learnt a strong lesson of standing together when each one of us on individual level experiences the awkward racist and segregationist attitude towards our race. I will never forget the conversations, the hangouts and the fights.
The Indian professional environment has a tendency to inject frustrations and stress in you. You have to find a way of getting it out. My friends call me Globe trotter. I did not travel in India like I wanted but glad, I was able to visit few significant places like, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Chennai, Himalaya, Delhi Jaipur, Pune and others.
I had the opportunity to mingle with many people from all over the world in High school and college but this is the first time I was in a very professional environment with so many nationalities represented. We have to agree that the media throws a lot of wrong information about places of the world and it creates misconceptions and stereotypes that end up being strongholds in your mind. Melting up with more than 100 Young Professionals from around the globe has upgraded my system belief and the world view.
As a Christian it was necessary for me to find a church that I commune with.  The church I attended had a Young Professional Club that meets every Thursday. We shared the Word and best practices to be the person God calls us to be. It would not have been possible to bear it all without the support of my friends. NOT POSSIBLE.

Being in India was a great fun

I will not forget all the hangouts….with Aiesec Navi Mumbai People, they just rock

Ladies and Gentlemen, If there is one single lesson I have learnt in India is :
"The way to be successful requires you to be yourself and continually upgrade your skills"

Tiburce Chaffa is a citizen of Benin Republic,He was a Business Analysis intern with the France Based AC Nielson account  team in Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai. He studied Political Science and Sociology at the University of Ghana,Legon.

Molara Brown


  1. Great pictures! Your experience has been good so far, hope it continues so. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow...............interesting.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Great photos, even greater experience, travel, fun, new life!!

  4. This is the life everyone deserves to taste... a little bit of every culture so you can see issues from the eyes of others thus become a lot more patient and tolerant!

  5. wow! i wont mind coming to visit India. Maybe i should hurry up and make the trip while you are still there o!

  6. :), aww Lara is time in India over already?

    1. You know!! that was my first thought on reading. But check the post script, its by a guy called Tiburce.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience Tiburce.

  8. Lovely pictures and quite nice that you have a positive attitude to your experience in India Tiburce.

  9. Cool. I envy you, you were able to overcome the challenges of being a foreigner in a foreign land. i believe that is not an easy thing to do.

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