Trip to Egba Land.

I finally decided to take the much anticipated and awaited trip to egba land. I have been making promises for as long as i can remember. My besto had actually given up on seeing me this year.

I finally got the chance last week and i packed my bag and baggages, not even my mothers threat could stop me from taking this trip. I actually needed a change of environment. I seriously needed to clear my head and make some serious decision far away from those to be affected by my decision and close to the one I family I love dearly and who loved me back.

I had a wonderful time down there, my god children are lovely and shared quality bff time with besto and her husby. Can't believe Leah is seven month and she is such a wonderful kid. Coming back was particularly difficult for me. I was seriously pampered and showered with love and attention...

Looking forward to a wonderful holiday....

Molara Brown

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