Taking Stock 2009

I lost myself this year…2009 was my year of weakness…don’t know when it happened but I found myself living another girl’s dream. My dreams were on hold and I found myself settling and too comfortable…I did not get to utilize myself this year…I did not get to be me. The adventurous and proactive girl was no where to be found and rather I look in the mirror and see this stranger who was just content to take each day as they come. This is the bit and piece I could pull together.

In this department, I was a mess. A really big one. There was just no connection. I found myself praying out of duty, not because I wanted to. I pulled away from God; I was asking too much question which got no answer. I was on the verge of becoming a deitist. Please no judgments here, we all have our right to our beliefs. Now am crawling back to Islam, thanks to some friends. You can only understand if you have been there.

I have a 'very interesting' family, both the nuclear and extended one. This year I have learnt to deal with my sister, particularly the last one who is a big pain in the butt. The constant fight is still there, but you can’t just do anything but love those two monsters. My extended families were busy springing a lot of surprises but I have learnt we all are different even though we share blood.

Old friends are definitely best friends…they were there for me, they were the ones who understood…made some new friends some of whom are wonderful individuals and don’t know how to describe them. Keeping in touch with friends is hard but thanks to FB, that was managed.

Finances wasn't terrible but I could have done better. Seriously done better, I guess that is why we have a new year to make things right.

I worked in two varying industries this year and now I am with none. I got JOB bug and decided to go for anything all in the name of having a JOB. I did last thing I never would have seen myself doing…marketing…I guess you have to try some things for you to really back up your decisions. Now I know marketing is a no go area for me because it is just not in me. Thanks to my AIESEC experience, I got another job organizing a conference and experience was so different from those of AIESEC. I loved it, because it was a part of my dream come through. At the end of the event I had to move on. Every one thinks it’s because I am lazy that I left the job, but it was an organization which did not offer any future prospect for some one with my background and career plan.

My education was asleep this year; I had too many plans on what I wanted and could not settle for one. I wanted to write the CIPM, PMP exams and was not sure what post graduate degree to do. Finally made a decision and that is going to come to pass in 2010.

Health and Fitness
This year I added some serious weight that my mother who has always called me chicken when other tell me I have gone fat looked at me and said, madam you had better watch it. I have been stress free for a better part of the year, because I really am not a food person. Am not an exercise person and can’t go jogging in my end. Asides the big belly, I really do not have issues with the extra meat on my body. Any exercise I would be doing in the New Year would be to keep fit and not necessarily lose weight. Even my flat ass is now showing, so why would I give that up.

All in all, I give 2009 a C…but the me, you and I always knew is back and back for good.

Molara Brown

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