Life Lately....

It is the fourth month of the year and sadly this is when I publish my first post this year.

I didn't plan it like this, but life happened.

The burnout that I mentioned in my last post was worse than I thought or imagined. It took me a long time to realize that the loss of interest in every activity that I am passionate about and that gives me joy was a result of my burnout.

I have been struggling with everything. From meeting deadlines to meeting up with friends, to planning personal and contracted trips, even waking up to get to work has lost its zeal.

I started running to distract myself, I lost a bit of weight but more importantly, I look forward to running every weekend. I have not been consistent lately but I am happier.

The months have not been entirely traveling or activities here are the adventures in 2018 so far.

First stop in January was the Awolowo Museum and Private Beach situated in Lekki town. So Lekki Town is about 20 minutes from Epe and on the Lekki free trade zone axis.

Next up in February, I went Kayaking in Lagos and visited the Arinta waterfall and Ikogosi warm springs.

My first visit to Ikogosi Warm Springs was 2014 and I remember complaining about the hot spring. Sadly the hot spring has become lukewarm and totally becomes cold instead of warm by the time it connects with the cold spring.The neglect the tourist destination has suffered is appalling. Arinta waterfall makes a trip to Ekiti worth it.

For the Easter holiday, I went back to Togo with my friend Tayo and 5 other ladies. We switched Kpalime for the Voodoo town of Togoville.

Yesterday, I went camping on the Takwa Bay beach overnight. I had my first camping experience sleeping in a tent on the beach. It was such a beautiful experience camping with 12 strangers. The organizer was the only one I knew and one lady I went kayaking with last year.

Tomorrow,  I am off to Tanzania with 2 of my friends. I hope to keep up with blogging now.

I am thinking of joining the Wordpress bandwagon. I guess time will tell if I make the switch or not.


Molara Brown


  1. I visited Ikogosi a long time ago and the hot and cold water meeting was just magical.. its soo sad that its been neglected so much.. :(
    yes switch to wordpress but be careful with your old files and posts..

    1. The old file and posts is my biggest issue with switching to wordpress. I guess I will cross that bridge in due time.

  2. Sigh, I know i say this all the time but i really really want to travel like you do...especially around Nigeria for starters

    1. That's why we need to roll together Toin.

  3. Errr updates please Lara:)

    Hope you are keeping well?
    New url:
    Hope we stay in touch better

  4. Blessings.....
    Life takes us through transitions and as we navigate the twists and turns some thing inevitably fall off.

    Thanks for the visual vacation.

    Stay blessed.