The broken windscreen

The last time I wrote a bus diary was October 2010,

The one thing I love above about public transport in Lagos is the daily madness. Events happen and you are left wondering what the hell is going on, and some days you are just laughing like crazy amazed by people and their actions.

So on my way to Room for Three, this happened.
I got down for this lady at Oshodi, so she could share the front seat with me.

I didn't watch her get in as I was distracted by the gala selling girl besides me. I got back into the car and noticed the lady touching her head and the driver trying to re-adjust his mirror.

Next thing I hear,
Lady: Oga, you no even fit say sorry, na mirror you dey check.

Driver: What do you mean by sorry, can't you see you have broken my glass.

This caught my attention as I have been oblivious of the previous event. It was at that moment the lady and I noticed the crack on the windscreen. This was no a head hitting the glass scenario, her head hit the mirror which lead to the crack on the windscreen.

The lady kept touching her head for blood while the driver kept mumbling.
Next thing I heard,

Driver: What are we going to do now?
Lady: What do you mean by what are we going to do?
Driver: I just dey commot for mechanic, I just spent twenty thousand Naira.
Lady: Oga no vex

Continues mumbling, some minutes after.

Driver: Madam, you have to pay for my glass. Me I don't have fifteen thousand Naira.
Lady: Pay for which glass, did I intentionally break it?
Driver: You did not break it intentionally but you have to pay for it. I will not let you go if you don't pay for it.

At this point, I was just confused, other passengers then decided to intervene. Driver said sorry will not replace the glass.

Lady: Oga, abeg discharge the other passengers make we go report ourselves for police station. Do you think I do not know my rights in this country.
Driver: shebi, make we go police station. You break my glass, dey tell me about your rights.
Passenger 1: Oga, how you take know say she get fifteen thousand for hand. Even if she get am, na she and you go dey drive the moto wey you dey ask for fiften thousand naira.
Passenger 2: Wetin police wan do for una, una go just go spend unnecessary money.
Driver: Oga, she has to give me something. She cannot break my glass and go just like that.
Lady: Oga,you no serious, fifteen thousand naira for wetin. I say discharge your passengers let us go to the police station.
Driver: No be person come down for you, why she no knack head for mirror before you enter.
Passenger 1: Oga, abeg let us go. You no fit collect money for glass for her hand oh.
Driver: Oga, abeg mind your own or you come down from my motor.
Passenger 3: If to say as she knack head for mirror, she wound and blood don dey rush, you think say na glass money you go dey find.
Driver: as she no injure nko, make I come dey go use money repair glass.

For a minute, I felt guilty for getting down to allow her come in, I should have just shifted my butt to the seat besides me. But then, I didn't want an uncomfortable ride with my legs squeezed and avoiding the brake hitting my knee.

The whole scenario was just funny, at some point I was laughing and amazed by the driver's crazy demand. Fifteen thousand Naira just like that. The dude must need cash badly for him to be making such ridiculous demand. Plenty cars with cracked windscreens in Lagos and in this instance I do not even see why  he needed to replace it. Abeg, someone enlighten me if there is a fine in Lagos on vehicles with cracked screens.

When we got to Obalende, the driver refused to allow the lady get down from the bus, insisting they go to the police station. While they were at it, police men flagged the bus down for obstruction.

So I am sure they ended up in the police station.
If the woman paid the money is the one I cannot tell.
I can't believe the year is almost over, December knocks in 3 days.
Exams starts on Monday.

Do enjoy the weekend and have a beautiful December.


Molara Brown


  1. lol .... this scenario had me thinking that you entered one of those One chance vehicles. . . . 2015 is almost over o. all the best in your exams

  2. Its a serious but funny incident. Are there no car insurance in Nigeria? If so why would the driver want a passenger to pay after an accident? It should have been the other way round; the passenger claiming money from the car's insurance for whatever damage blood or no blood. But the story is hilarious.