I didn't plan it like this!!!

Dusting cobwebs
I didn't realize that I would one day have to start dusting cobwebs on this blog.
I used to "yimu" at bloggers who do this.

Years back, two friends once told me that a time will come in my life when checking out not to talk of been active on social media will be the last thing on my mind. I "yimued" when they said this.

Alas, today this is the story of my life.
No time rara.

I knew I was going to have a busy year
But I didn't expect it to eat up all of my life.
This was my life for the last 4 months
My work life is exhausting, that is particularly what it eating up all of my time.
Right now I am working.
I need to find a balance.

I don't have time even to study, I wrote my first semester examination in the last week of July and I must say I wasn't even prepared for it.

Even though I was on leave, I was practically working every day.
The crazy thing is that my exam came up the same week I was assigned to manage a project.
Yeye Unilag people too are to blame for releasing the exam date so late, that there was no way I could avoid not working while on leave.

The professional exam I wrote this year was also affected, by this lack of time to study.
I have decided no more professional exams this year till I find a balance.

I shall find a balance soon and hope to continue blogging and particularly travel as much as I want.
I am canceling the trip I had planned for the Ramadan break, friends are pulling out and I am too scattered to even draw up a proper plan.

On another note, I am taking this expensive hobby of mine seriously.
I got a new lens and I am hoping to get another one.
Friends are advising I go professional, but not sure I am ready for that.

I am not yet photography smart and to be honest, I don't think I can handle the tantrums thrown by humans. I assisted a friend at a wedding once and I gave up at some point. The couple was just on another level.

Photography, for now, will remain a hobby till further notice.
Maybe someday I will change my mind.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and I guess with this free time of mine, I shall do blog rounds.

Molara Brown


  1. Finding the right balance is always hard when one has a demanding job. If you've got the power to delegate some work and manage time better, it might help to reduce the stress. Keep doing what makes you happy, and best wishes!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, do have a beautiful week

  2. Life gets like this sometimes. Continue to develop your craft (photography) and all the best with striking a balance!


  3. Chai!!!! Pele!! I hope you find the balance sooon. Photography is expensive oo... I still can't afford to buy another lens but I work with my prime and make myself the zooom Lol.

    1. Omo mehn, the lens I am seeing are just so expensive...I am only eyeing a 50mm now and I am done for a while

  4. Talk about the need for balance! Been getting home last few months completely knackered to the point of barely able to move and then only managing to crawl into bed after falling asleep on the sofa! And every night i moan to myself - life is not supposed to be this hard. So i certainly feel your pain and add on exam life to that doesn't make it any easy. Whatever you do, don't let this page go idle Lara! And when you find the key to achieving that balance, abeg let me know asap! I am literally typing this whilst rushing off for a 9am meeting. Balance yeah?!

    I have ranted, i know! But this is my life story too at the moment!
    T.Notes.....pls don't make me have to sign in!

  5. Blessings....
    It is what it is, life it keep moving and you along with it.
    You can post via email do you know that, you do your post and email it to your blog and it will automatically post. It's an option.,

    Balance is key or else something will have to give and if you are not careful you will give and not in a positive way.

    Just do you and be happy.
    when you post, i'll pop by and give you a hola.

  6. welcome back! i dusted cobwebs a while ago! i really like your blog. i've spent almost an hour surfing. and my attention span is like 60 secs LOL