Photowalk in Badagry: Badagry Heritage Museum and 1st Story Building

On the 21st of May, I joined a group of photographers on a photo walk to Badagry in March.
It was a wonderful experience hanging out professional photographers and hobbyist like myself.

Our first stop was the Badagry Heritage museum which was the first administrative office in Nigeria constructed in 1863 was used as the office of the District Officer from 1865.


Next stop was the first story building in Nigeria.


The best part of the trip was the down to earth atmosphere. Every one was so cool and the professionals were eager to share tips with us hobbyist.

Visiting a slave museum always fuel anger in me, especially when you hear about how our forefathers sold their brother and sisters into slavery. The worst is listening to the value of human lives back then. 

It was an interesting photowalk and worth the value, N7500.

Part 2 coming up shortly.


Molara Brown


  1. Interesting photos and great to learn something new!

  2. This is great! Something I'll love to do too

  3. So I'm wondering if that building is still structurally sound and how you get the time to take all these trips Lara!!!

  4. Hey Lara, Thanks for this post! I don't really know much about Nigeria, and your travel posts and pictures do a lot in teaching and exciting me about visiting Naija next year.

  5. This was one of the few places I visited for excursion in primary school. I'd love to do a photo walk myself. :-)

  6. As always nice pictures and thank you for being able to document and publish these so we can all enjoy. About this heavy matter of slavery my take is that people will still be selling each other today if slavery was not outlawed. The attitude of people with influence or money these days suggests that if they had the chance they will sell fellow human beings for more money, power or influence. Thats why we still have child slavery in Africa and people are still clandestinely selling babies under the guise as ophans and many other aliases. To date there are hospitals who steal babies from poor mothers and tell them the baby died and then sell it on to a rich mum who is desperately looking for a child. It is happening all over although discreetly. We need to change our attitude to money, power and influence. We are all guilty of this one way or another unknowingly