It's a wrap

Ilorin Central Mosque

My love affair with Ilorin came to an end on 1st of June.
10 months after, I moved all my 'kaya' from the town that I called home.
The journey was  not smooth sailing but then had developed me and made me a better person.

I miss rolling out of my bed at 7am to report to work at 8am.
I miss the simple less stressful life I lived.
But then, it was time to move on and grow.

I got stuck in a rut.
I must say, I never did 'fit in' in Ilorin.
I was always that Lagos girl who was used to a fast paced of getting things done and proactiveness.
Ilorin is laid back and the people always asked, 'Kini karamo mi'
In as much as I am not a fan of the madness called Lagos, Ilorin is not a town I would love to settle down in.
I am just not of that life.

I got to spend my last week travelling round Kwara, visited my maternal grandfather's hometown in Offa, made it to the border town of Nigeria and Benin Republic 'Chikanda', ate cold suya in a town called 'Okuta'.

Lagos is home again, for how long I do not know...only the future can answer that.

Wishing you all a fulfilling and  successful month of June.


Molara Brown


  1. What an adventure!
    I wish you safe journey back to Lagos .... and yes, lasgidi has a hypnotic aura that always pull people back.

  2. Awww... Beautiful. Welcome back. yaay to growth!

  3. All the best with this new phase! :)

  4. All the best with your new chapter. I seriously need to visit Lagos one day but to be honest, I am really worried about the security in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole...
    Oh, and I followed you on GFC hun.

  5. Welcome back Lara! Ilorin might be a charm, but I prefer you closer to home! London calling next?

  6. Are you sure you won't miss that sleepy town? Lol @ kini karamo...Welcome back anyway and here's wishing you the best as you move on. May the next phase bring unexpected fulfillment.

  7. Welcome back to "lasgidi" the city that never sleeps.

  8. Hey, just discovered your blog and I am loving it. Looks like you really had a nice adventure, I would love to visit Ilorin some time too. And welcome back to Lag.

  9. Similar memories of the town to mine from 02/03 when NYSC packaged me to Ilorin.. Good luck with the next phase...

  10. I think I understand what you mean! I've only been to one other state in nigeria apart from lagos and my home town and that was ogun state. Even though I loved the serenity and calmness and all, I still couldn't imagine myself living there. Lagos still remains the center even with its hypertension inducing factors.
    I'm looking forward to when I'll have time to visit other places, sounds like you had a bit of a good time! I'll also join the rest in wishing you good luck with this new phase!

  11. I just found your blog and im so happy i did
    i would really like to see the rest of Nigeria as ive only been to Delta and Benin
    im still in school so it looks like a longshot
    im a new follower
    hope you keep in touch

  12. Same here, Lagos just felels like home and all, welcome back