Entrepreneur’s Don’ts: Never compromise on the quality of staffs.

As a future entrepreneur, I am daily learning from the mistakes of present day entrepreneurs and my current employer is a case study for me. I will be sharing some of the lesson I learn from time to time. So welcome to the new series on my blog which I hope will be useful for everyone who reads it.

In the search for cheap labor, entrepreneurs usually settle for those people who are willing to accept the crappy salaries they willing to part away with.

From the first day I stepped into my current employer’s office, I knew my boss had done a grave mistake with the current crop of staffs he had in place. When I finally met him about 2 weeks after I began working for the company; I couldn’t help myself but ask him why.

His response, he needed people to fill up the space and carry out some necessary actions. One of the staffs and the most notorious one actually received her first query letter a month after employment. You wonder why she was still in employment more than a year after despite receiving several queries, suspension and signing countless undertaking.

My boss was not ready to take the risk to go through another recruitment process. He particularly told me of his disappointment in one of the staffs who despite her impressive resume and great interview skills was unable to deliver the simplest of assigned tasks. She is still with the company till date and his reason for keeping her is her loyalty.

The sad truth about unqualified staffs is that no matter the amount of training impacted in them, they just never get to that acceptable level. They assume they already know so much and are never willing to learn new things.


Molara Brown


  1. hiring employees is very costly. that's why companies pay agencies to do it so its easier to fire incompetent workers. The truth is, only the best actors and actresses get jobs, while those of us who can't act are turned down at interviews

  2. interesting post. lol @they know so much.
    I think its a shame if anyone thinks like that esp employees that forget learning does not only improve your skills but helps you to acquire additional experience that enhances your development/resume. I would be thankful for a job that provides training that are useful. It so amazing how well one can stand out. x

  3. Hmmm. I'm looking forward to this series. I don't think people should hold on to incompetent staff though. There are so many unemployed people out there.

  4. Hiring qualified staff is serious business because it tells on the sustainability of the enterprise any way you look at it. There is a lot to learn from people's experiences. It is better to have a few qualified people than a crowd of unqualified ones who may not be able to use their initiatives to get the right things done.

  5. A person who thinks he knows it all will never learn. The truth is many employers are not willing to pay good money for good staff and youths desperate for jobs just accept whatever they are offered.
    However when reality sets in, they realize how little they get as salary and begin to rebel by doing a shabby work.
    Although that doesn't justify such attitude, we should treat our employer's biz like it's ours. But employers too should be willing to pay.
    Soup wey sweet na money kill am. Good write-up! http://frediliadtruthuncensored.com/

  6. Staff are the forefront of any business and many of consumers get their first impressions of the business from them…. Super dangerous

  7. blessings...
    great resume, fantastic interview does not a good employee make, its a hit and miss, trial and error thing, that is why you have a probationary period of 3 months, some 6 months in which you can let them go without being liable. It is also wise to have yearly performance appraisals in which you address the good and not so good points and where you go from there. Those things are key.

    have a blessed day and weekend

  8. Nice articles. What's your email address please? Will like to pitch something to you.

  9. lara lara....welcome to the wonderful world of Nigeria. the first employer i worked with after i relocated i got to find out that he employs new sets of staff every year. its terrible. i wouldnt say you will get use to it but you will learn to ignore employee attitude. in other words....merry xmas.

  10. HA!!!1 I totally know this!!!

  11. Skills can be taught.. attitude to work can't. .