Italy: Snapshots of Bergamo

My last days in Europe, I took a trip to Italy.

Before my surgery, I got 5days off for leave and decided to pay my friend who works in the DHL office in Italy a visit. I must say before my visit, I had no idea about the city called Bergamo... The city is divided into two the upper and lower city, the upper city is connected to the lower city by a cable car.

Imagine yourself in a city with no tour guide, and finding no one who speaks English around you...that was my situation. I could not even get the guy in the bus-station to understand that I needed a city map...I found my way around the city by myself mostly on foot...I actually fell in love with Bergamo.

Città Bassa-The Lower city

Città alta-The Upper City

♥  Lara



  1. Nice one Lara! From what you've succeeded in showing, I must say that I'm also in love with this beautiful city of Bergamo. Ti owo ba wa, I'll love to see the place too. Lol!
    Catch me on Thanks.

  2. Those are lovely pics, fellow blogger. So beautiful they all are. And how did your surgery go? Hope it went successfully? This is my first time here and I love the experience, I will come around again soon. Check out my blog here:

  3. Cool pictures Lara.
    Pity about the language barrier. Did you notice their handsome men? At Oxfam, I meet a lot of volunteers from there. Those boys are cute!

    1. Hmmm...Ginge! How many times I call you? You berra not let your mama catch you eyeing Italian boys!

  4. Italy is one of the places on my list to visit. Definitely a must see place

  5. Seems a lovely place with a lot of character, Lara. You and this your wanderlust sha. I still envy u o!

  6. Beautiful pictures....haha@Adura..wanderlust indeed!

  7. We should wager on how long you'll remain in your current location before packing up again!

  8. lovely pictures. Italy is on my list of places to visit because I love Renaissance art.

  9. you take the most stunning

  10. This reminds me when I was in Milan years ago when I was on traineeship in Zurich, Switzerland. Myself and a friend of mine planned to spend the weekend in Milan, do some shopping for shoes and suits and also tour the city. Unlike you we knew no one in Milan so it made our experience worse. We could not communicate with anybody as all the people we bumped into spoke no english. It was a struggle even finding somewhere to lodge. In the end all we did was we bought a one day bus pass and sat in various buses wandering in different directions aimlessly and randomly seeing the city. In the end we decide to return to Zurich earlier than we had planned as we were not enjoying the experience that much.

    Your pictures are very nice and they really show how beautiful Bergamo is.

  11. Bergamo is really a beautiful city. A place to go in Italy. It seems most places in Italy has that ancient touch. Voice of Sagacity