Frankfurt through my lens

Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany brought back beautiful memories of Lagos. Frankfurt is bubbling and my friend said it is the Lagos of Germany. There were many skycapers, which is not so common in Germany, fountains and as expected old European styled buildings. I ran into a Nigerian who was inviting me church while I was waiting to return to Bonn. He is a Nigerian with the French passport, who is a Nigerian at heart but French by passport. From Church invitation to asking if I had a visa problem or if I have a boyfriend, kai Nigerians will not kill me.

Frankfurt left a good impression on me.

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. Lara Lara..How many times I call you? When will I travel like you?

    :) nice pic..So do they speak English or just their language?

  2. Oh yea, so much history. Did i see 1848 somewhere? I wonder where i was then...

  3. lovely photo story. it must have been fun

  4. Now...u make me want to go on holiday. The air looks so clear and beautiful.

  5. Wow...nice photos! which kain camera you dey use?
    What's the name? whats the spec?

    1. I have a Nikon L810, it is not one ghen ghen camera like that oh, but it give pretty decent pictures.

  6. I love the combo of old meets new. often times, travelers only post pictures of old buildings. Interesting shots.

  7. You're really touring Germany. Didnt know Frankfurt has so much history!
    Hope you got to hear the stories behind the statues. I'm sure they'll be interesting.

  8. Lol at the Nigerian guy wanting to be sharp. Just took a look at your other blog. Good work!

  9. I do love my Naija brothers and sisters ohh.. but why must he go from asking you about church to asking if you have visa problems and if you have a BF. Perhaps he was wondering if you would offer him money to marry for a visa?? Naija men sha. I struggle to reconcile my brain with some of the randomness that you can only get from Naija. I can only conclude that this guy is dodgy. If he was straight, there would be no reason for him to ask such awkward questions.. just saying

  10. sobs***i want a camera like urs!!!..its so wud think twas one of ds professional cameras
    i think u shd hav a collection fr all ur pics...gosh..ure good

  11. You're living the life dear. I wonder how many language you speak.

    Lovely pictures as usual.