Traveloque: Hyderabad-Chennai-Malaysia-Chennai-Hyderabad

The Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
For those who do not follow my rant on twitter, your truly was in Malaysia for 3days last week...came back yesterday. This trip which was almost aborted was planned with my fellow TCS-Nigerian family, out of 5, only 2 of us finally made it to boss would only grant 3days leave instead of the 5days I asked for...

Left Hyderabad on Tuesday for Chennai by bus, I am getting too addicted to the night travels by bus, don't blame  me but it is so safe and cheaper...don't mind me, that is the Ijebu blood in me talking.

I have heard the gist of how rude and nasty Chennai auto-rickshaw drivers (aka Keke Marwa abi na Napep we dey call am) are from some of the acers living there, but I never imagined how stupidly rude they really are.  Trouble started with the auto driver, when I told him our actual destination was Kottivakkam instead of Thiruvanmiyur...the guy abused us in Tamil and said he will increase the fare, I no just get him time and I did not reply. He kept turning back, and abusing us at some point, guy parked and said he was not going again, later he said he will carry us to the Police friend and I started laughing and this got him mad, I don't know what Chalo means in Tamil, but in Hindi, it means go ahead....but the word Chalo, sparked some plug from the guy's head and he wanted to hit my friend for saying the word. At some point, I got tired of the whole show and we decided to get down as the guy could not locate our actual destination.

Malaysia to me is "Truly the World", the Country is the a melting point of all race and cultures...the country that give freedom and allows you to be what you are and who you want to be. So happy to finally be in a place where I could walk on the street and no one was turning, staring and pointing at me because I am one gave a second glance.

Malaysia is said to be an Islamic Nation and so I was expecting to see people all covered up and living according to Islamic laws...I saw transgenders, ladies in bum shorts,  ladies in hijabs, guys with crazy one raised an eyebrow, no one gave a second look, everyone was themselves the best way they could be.

Joy in my heart to finally walk on the street and see a lot of blacks like myself and particularly Nigerians. I saw some man in Agbada with his boy-boy carrying his bag for him, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin flowed on the street..ate Poundo yam and soup made with palm oil with ponmo, shaki and beef. I finally got to enter a club at the time, I am used to...from 12am....

Long Bar said to be owned by an Indian, with a Nigerian DJ, Nigerian Bodyguards patronized by Nigerians and their African chicks...I actually thought the girls in the club were Nigerians, then my new friend explained to us how the Nigerian girls avoid the boys and go out with the whiteys and only go to resorts and other high-class places. The guys on the other hands stick to girls of other African countries with few dating the Malaysians and other race....A Nigerian girl is hardly found in the clubs, except she is there with her Nigerian boyfriend.

I have never lived in or visited any organized country, so those of you in the UK, US and every other organized country can relate to Malaysia...India has a long way to go to meet up with this beloved country Nigeria has got a very long way to go.
Pictures in next post...

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. sure had great time...cheers

  2. wow! in Malaysia....who would have thought!!!i am waiting for the pictures

  3. haha Nigerians are everywhere. A friend of mine lives there and she said they have their own small nigerian community there lol.

  4. nigerians live everywhere. glad u had a good time albeit short.

  5. Malaysia is one of the countries I woud like to visit when I tour Asia. So again I'm jelux. Malaysia sounds pretty much like Turkey in terms of tolerance of other people's race and culture...interesting.

  6. I hear Malaysia has quite a sizeable naija population. keep enjoying your trips, and more pics o. :)

  7. Wow, I am half in love already cos of the way you wrote about the place!
    I remember writing this application for a course in Malaysia some years back but was too scared of racism. If only you had written this post then :)
    Pictures pls