Travelogue-Indian Attraction: GOA

The world is sad, Japan is in rubble...
I broke down when I heard the news, as I was numb.
I was useless last Friday, more like the world stop moving and 
Nothing made sense to me at that point and all I could think of was to get on the next plane to be back home with my family.

But in it all, I am grateful for every single moment.
In the simple things of life, I find joy.
I have nothing to say or do, but be thankful.
It's been a week, since I got back from Goa.
Road trip was not bad, it is pretty much safe to travel by road all night in India...only issue for me is that, the roads are too narrow, but both ways no issue.
Goa was fun, it was nice meeting up with fellow interns again.
My flatmate decided the best place to teach me to swim was on the beach, which was really salty and i had my eyes burning...After plenty persuasion, I went jet-skiing with a friend, but no matter the grammar, I did not go para-gliding with seriously, limit dey to my adventurous life...

Best time for me was the last night which was spent on the beach with about 7 other interns....It really was cool, discussing our varying cultures, religion and view of the Indian society.
Even though, I lost my iPod to Goa, I really had a nice experience.
All pictures are from friends cameras, I did not have time to be taking pictures, too much going on.

Hyderabadi Interns

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breakfast on the Candolim, Goa
My Friends, Feyi and Chinedu from Mumbai on the road in  Panaji
The Viva Carnival, Panaji
Off to the Viva Carnival, in Margoan
At the Viva Carnival, Margoan
♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Beautiful pics, Laura. I enjoyed meeting your friends. Thank you for sharing. And wish I could have been there for carnival. Sorry you lost your iPod, ouch. But, in the bigger pic, a small loss.

  2. Nice pictures...GOA is certainly India's paradise..I too have posted a lot of pictures on my blog when I went to GOA.

  3. Lovely pictures, especially those on the beach. That must have been a fantastic carnival too.

  4. The news about Japan just makes me wonder about the fluffiness of life.

    Glad to see you're having so much fun, Larah. Panaji looks like Naija :)

  5. Oh... so this is how GOA looks like? There's this movie that made "Holiday in Goa" a by-word.

    ITs wonderful to see your pictures...and to hear from your experiences. I want to spend some time in India too :D

  6. You look so happy, am loving the pictures..thanks for sharing girl...:=_

  7. Wanted to add that I had a bit of relaxed time this afternoon so stopped by your other blog (didn't see a place to comment so will comment here.) I've heard of Desert Flower and am looking forward to its release. We're getting more and more novels from Africa these days and, I must confess, enjoy them so.

    British friends spend a holiday in Goa and enjoyed it tremendously. (Do I look a little green (envious) on St. Paddy's Day?)

  8. Some nice beach there. All that sun is making me jealous....

  9. Aww these are some really cool shots. I really wanna go 2 India. A friend of mine jst came back from there.

  10. India is on the top of my places to visit. I am glad you found my blog. Please keep the stories about my new favorite country coming :-)

  11. Hottie Lara! lol *first picture wink*


    - LDP