TCS-AIESEC Global Village 26-27th February

 Where do I start from self, All I can say is that Chennai was fun....every single day in that city was ended with happiness. All 61 of us had flown in from various cities of India for the event.

From arriving in Chennai and preparing for the next day when we had the Global  Village, to finding out the logistic team had bought us some funny looking thing called Kidney Beans (Dal in Hindi) for us to make the moin moin and some funny looking leaf in place of the Spinach leaves (Ugwu) we ask making the dish and have a wonderful time at the global village to the trip to Mallapuram to see the beach and some temple.

I will allow the pictures to do the talking, because this event is uber late. The pictures are so many and would actually come in batches
The Naija Clan

My room at the serviced apartment

TCS Siruseri, Chennai, venue of the Global Village, soon to be largest office in Asia, currently accomodate 12,000 associates and upon completion will accomodate 25,000 TCS associates

 Reping Naija
Jose(Columbia), Assel(Kazakhstan), I, Kristina(Lithuania)
Representing the world

Molara Brown


  1. I always LOVE your posts cos of the pics, babe India is treating you well
    you're looking better with every post :D

    The rooms aren't bad, so i guess i can walk into an Indian restaurant here in Ottawa and ask for Dal and Ugwu
    Have a good weekend lara

  2. The pictures actually did the talking. Seems like you had fun. what a wonderful experience.

  3. Repping Naija yay!

    happy Val's day in advance and keep having fun.