I Remember....The Black Sunday

I was about to post about the Chennai...the fun I had, but that will be for another day.
Then I read P.E.T Projects post: 27TH JANUARY: WE STILL REMEMBER 
I  remember not just because I witnessed it all, from the first shattering sound
To the running out of the house with the whole crowd with only one place in mind.
I remember because my former neighbor lost her daughter, who I was not particularly fond of but enjoyed her company
I remember because it happened right next to the grounds of my high school Alma matter and every day I just kept imagining if it had happened on a school day.
My Alma matter lies in ruins today, because the Military Authority are not even yet sure if the bombs have all been detonated.

No one is sure if the armories are safe...and it is sad to know the whole of Nigeria is sitting on bombs which can explode any moment.
Do we just sit down and pray that when the explosions goes off, we and our loved ones are not affected?

Molara Brown


  1. iremember ....

    comfort to the ones who lost loved ones...

  2. Wow you even knew someone personally that lost their loved ones. It's sad...
    Hope you are good sha.


  3. its so sad nd heartbreaking abt these happenings. i just wonder, how did all these start?

  4. I remember that fateful day..was so scary and unforseen...RIP to those who were lost..Nice blog

  5. I remember like it were yesterday. May God continue to protect us.

  6. God rest the souls of the departed.

  7. May their souls rest in peace
    I hope everything's well with you?