Friday night

Friday, 3rd September

Went to bed with a terrible headache at about 9:49pm.
All of a sudden I was awake, it cannot be 1am already, I said to myself, feeling for my phone in the dark. Then I heard the sound that was what woke me up, it was a gunshot, it was just 11:01pm. How could that be, I got out of bed, went into my uncle’s room where my cousin and niece slept, there was no more shot, they were soundly asleep, dead to the world and oblivious of the shot. My aunt is not home, she went for a Vigil.
I went back to the room, the gunshots has stopped
Tried going back to sleep, the gunshot started again, this time in multiples
At first, it sounded so far from the street, but one knew they were close by.
Then, there was one which sounded like it was shot right from the street.
With heart racing, i sprang out of bed, hurriedly got dressed
Pushing my laptop and phone under the bed, locked the door and ran out of the room.
I had money in my bag, would offer it to them if they came in.
I was alone at our side of the house with 3teenagers, who throughout this ordeal of mine did not even shake body not to talk of waking up.

Opened the gate, and moved to the other side of the house where our family friend and his family resides, they are closer to the gate and the shot were louder there. There I sat till the whole thing came to an end.

The ember month is here, December is around the corner and the race to make last minute money has started.
Mama Emeka has told him to come complete the mansion he started; the house must be opened this Christmas when everybody will be come. Everybody must know that Emeka has arrived and mama and papa emeka’s status in the village must be elevated.

Joel just got off the phone talking to his mother, she just saw Emma drive pass in a 2010 Toyota Camry. Joel’s must come home with a bigger car, so that Mama Emma must know that her son’s level is by far higher that Emma’s own.

Joel and Emeka cannot afford to disappoint, everybody must know they have arrived; they cannot afford to disappoint their parent. They take to the street, holding us to ransom and dispossess us of our possessions.

We have gotten to that time of the year, when we have to watch every step we take because we never know. Pray we never end up a victim...Lovely week to you all

Molara Brown


  1. OMG, this isn't a narrative but a real event! Very, very scary! Take care and please be safe!

  2. Scary times indeed. Everyone has to be extra careful.

  3. get strong mind oooo

    As in you left the building you were in???...

    Sha,Make God dey protect us