Trapped in The Elevator...

Laughing about it now...
But at that moment it so wasn't funny.It was the last place I expected and the only place in the whole of University of Lagos where I can ever use the elevator. The Senate Building.

This is not the first time i have been trapped in an elevator but this came as a surprise because I expected the generating set of the building to come up immediately the lights went off but I spent close to 20 minutes in the elevator. The elevator was filled to the brim and the heat started almost immediately. The elevator was stucked between floors so when the door was opened we could not come out. One of the kids started crying and some of the grown ups were so hysterical. I kept my calm but still the noise from the others just was not helping matters. There was this little opening and the operator was suggesting we slide ourselves through it as he was not sure when the lights would come on. The elevator was to full to be jacked up. My Cousin and I refused to slide out as we were like what if the light comes back at any moment.

For this reason, i have always stayed clear off the elevator in the Arts Block, that was my first experience in a trapped elevator, but then i wasn't the light, the door just refused to open but it was moving. After that day, i would rater climb the six story of the Arts block than use the damned elevator.

I had another experience at the PHCN office at CMS about four months ago. This was worse as they have this policy of no generator at their office. When the light went off, they had to jack it up to the nearest floor.

As we were agreeing and disagreeing on what step to take or lot and some people just ranting and all the operators were forced to go put on the generator to let us out. Soo not going any where near that elevator again.

Molara Brown


  1. at least you got out... and blogged about it.... that's a positive.

  2. i dont enter elevators in nigeria..scary.

  3. lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I got stuck at hilton one day..and i was much more word...HORRIFYING!!!! :O