Forever in our mind and always a part of us: Fuad Adeymi Bakre (1983-1999)

Flowers die...
Stories end...
Songs fade...
Things come to an end,
but your memories will remain evergreen.


Can’t believe it’s already a decade since you have been gone.

I remember those days:
When we would climb up the branch of the fruit tree or is it almond, it’s called. Betting on who get to the top or is it the days we had to hide in the tree to escape punishments.
The days when we loose the dog on unsuspecting visitors.
The days we would all refuse to talk to you, and you would come apologize after days of shakara.
The days you came to our rescue, even when we are the one at fault.
The days we all sat down to hear your incredible stories.
Your plans for the future, the kind of woman you would marry...

All these we never have again,
You were no longer there to protect us from the boys as you promised.
We shall never get to meet your wife or see any children of yours.

We miss you still
Despite the fact that it's a decade ago He took you up to his bosom.
However, we took solace in the fact that you are in a better place.
To that place of peace.
Memories of you are forever treasure.

Molara Brown

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  1. Its never easy to forget someone loved... The greatest compliment we can pay them though is to achieve all they would have loved us to..

    Thanks for stopping by..