Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day for me...The day started on a good one and ended one a sad note...
Okay the Bitter part...
My aunt lost her Husband.
Got home from work and every one was all gloomy.
The man was not someone I aligned with, but my aunt and her children have always been a part of my life.
So I really don't have anything to say about him, I actually have a vague memory of him.
But I know he was a good man, even his step-children attest to that
The man died at the point when, he was about reaping the fruit of his labor from his children.
May his Soul rest in Peace.
The Sweet Part...

Went for a shoot today.
Okay, my company is doing this TV advert for an upcoming conference and Muah had to go with the crew for the shoot.
My MD is the face of the advert and it was really fun
I did not know that so much goes into producing an advert.
We all thought we would be there for maximum of 2hours and ended up spending the better part of the day there.
It was fun sha...
Having to laugh at my MD while he made the mistakes.
The make-up on his face.
His lips was all shiny.

I got the experience the whole wahala of producing an advert.
The lighting had to be right...Time was spent on this one, issues were on the reflections.
If the man should remove his glasses or not, it was finally agreed that the glasses stay and after the whole moving up and down, they finally got the lightening right.

Then it was time to get the words, actions and the tone right...
We had to all shut up at this point.No sound was made any one, even the A/C was switched off.
No be small thing oh as their MD had to sent one of his staffs out, when the guy made small noise. If you see the eyes that were directed at my colleague when chair he sat on moved .
After all the wahala, we were told that all witnessed was just the test.
They had test run and see how it all comes out.

My Colleagues and I were actually locked out when it was time to shoot the main thing. My MD was the star of the day, so we were not needed in the room.

The day was a good one all in all and my oga buy us lunch....

Molara Brown

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