Lagosians can really really is that bad that all in the name of looking, I want to know what is happening, “Oju mi to” or “Ose oju mi” as the Yorubas would say -these three people would have to lose their lives for it. I also have these nose for stories as in wanting to know and see the issue as it happens and not some second handed gist but not at the detriment of my life.

My aunt was the eyewitness and for days she could stop talking about it. The story was so gory and she could help warning us for day to be careful of bikes and never go look...the account was like this...A girl fell off a bike on the road when the bike man fell into a pot hole and was hit by a car coming behind them. The girl was badly injured and my Lagos lookers friends wanting to see the victim with their own eyes cross the express-way without checking for on-coming vehicles and alas that was their end as they were crushed by a tanker carrying trailer beyond any aunt went as far as describing the gory details of brains spilling out and all those other things in the devastating and sad for their family...they just might never know what happened to their children. Some days I just can't help but think about how stupid some people just are and some times we just come to the conclusion that it was their destiny to die that way.

 I make sure to pray to God never to die in a shameful and unspeakable manner because that is what I see these people death as...

Molara Brown

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