yeah I finally got a ride on the BRT bus yesterday...I really don't know why the excitement but i have always waited for this day...remember telling my ex- to park his car and we should go for a ride on the bus. A classmate of mine had told me how he never regretted parking his car at home for the BRT buses. According to him it was more convenient than having to drive in the traffic jam of Ikorodu road. The queue at the bus stations have always hindered my getting on the bus-the queue is always just damn too long. Also the buses just do not follow my routes. The terrible traffic hold-up on Ikorodu road due to the closure of the third mainland bridge afforded me this opportunity. I had to go down to Channels TV for my project work and it just did not occur to me that the traffic situation on the road was so bad. On my way down to my destination, i saw the traffic and had estimated that i would spend at least two hours on a journey that would have taken me about forty minutes back to school...I considered the BRT option but i had it in mind that if i met a long queue on my way back, i would prefer to take a normal bus because the amount of time spent on a queue sometimes is worth getting on a normal bus.

Fortunately the BRT station for Maryland was just directly opposite the building i went to and there was no single queue and the bus had just few people on it (cant imagine myself standing on a bus)...I quickly paid my fare and hopped into the bus. The ride was actually convenient and I got to my destination in less than forty minutes which was quite cool and amazing for a journey on Ikorodu road which could take on like one hour even before the whole third mainland issue started...The T fare was also very very okay as it was half the normal price and like three quarter of the recently inflated is just the standing part I don't like as that does not differentiate it from the molues...What i find real cool on the part of the drivers and conductors is fact that they carry school students for free to their i was made to realize that it is not all buses that carry out this act...

For once I can commend the state government for this act of theirs because not until i got on a BRT bus did I realise the cool benefits of this project...In the present situation of Lagos, omo no forming...if one intends to get to destination on time...then the BRT makes sense or the other alternative-"Okada" which i do not find appealing. My dad would be appalled when he finds out that i still jumb on the Okadas-"what can one do, ones got to survive and get to your destination through the fastest means possible...

♥ Lara

Molara Brown

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