Never in my four years in the university of Lagos has the nationwide blackout affected the inhabitants of the institution...Because in those days the generating set was always on once the lights goes off...For the past two weeks there has been total blackout in the university with only the Senate Building and Library lighted...in the last two days we get to have light form 12am to 12pm...which to me is so ridiculous...we always have to stay up late in other to charge our phone batteries and others....during the evenings students are forced to wile away their time chatting and walking around....imagine having to miss SECOND CHANCE...The schools generating set have been bad for God knows how long...Some have been sold...especially that of my hall (the place now house a eatery)....The queue for water is always terribly long...Some have to climb the water tanks to get water...did this for the first time and the height was scary....The 'Any-works' gets us water from any where at an increased rate...This lack of electricity brings out the laziness in us all as we all hide under the cover of no light...most people have decided to stay in their house...like the house is any better...and some have to go out all night to avoid the darkness...Most night I spend alone in the room because my room-mates just have to go out

This feeling of boredom and not wanting to sleep alone in the room led me to the AIESEC Nigeria Kangaru groove...had intended to just go down to the office and return to my room when the others are leaving for the club...Seeing and the idea of hanging out old team mates like Asiat Assayouti, Sade Dada and Yisa made it all tempting and also the fact that i had not been out all night in a while...i was just the perfect opportunity to loosen the tension and stress of the past days...

Had fun...over danced and had to sleep like a log the whole of Sunday, ended up missing the program i had planned on attending for the day...the time spent was worth the while...looking forward to hanging out pretty much again...

Molara Brown

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