Going out on Friday night was not on my agenda but when the pangs of hunger and the desire to eat something entirely different from the conventional food...I was quick to jump at the offer...

To my topic...when my friends and I were told we are visiting a stripper's club...we were actually not enthusiastic about it as we have been to one and the girls danced in their bras and pant throughout...we were in for a shocker

...On getting to the venue, we still had the same view as the girls were still in their normal bikini bra and g-strings...when the show finally started my friends and I had our mouths opened throughout our stay in the club.

Shakira and Beyonce would go green with envy if they only saw some of this girls dancing...there was actually one who would make any woman go green with envy if she is ever caught dancing with one's hubby.

If I had been given the gist, would have said it was a lie as my other friends had said when we gisted them...I saw young ladies naked to the full glare of all.

This was a whole lot different from the one we watch on Nigerians to be different...the rules of the game was totally bent and this was more like a parade of prostitutes...because I know strippers are not to be touched by the men...we actually saw one of the strippers been fingered by a guy...It actually lacked professionalism as this is a Job to these girls

These ladies we were told are student from various universities of the nation...and they were all beautiful... I am sure some sought of recruitment was done because this girls were all tall and curvy...they could past out for models...

One of the girls offered to dance for us and she was just too good...we had our fun that night and it was really amazing to know that there are a lot of coded venues like that in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Molara Brown