What a topic you would say...it happen some days back...walk past some guys discussing and the statement made got me thinking...one of the guys was preaching to the other to become born again...the guy being preached to made this statement that ''The preacher would go directly to heaven but he(speaker) would go first to hell, enjoy himself and then come on up to heaven..'' what a way to think. I wonder why anyone would think that way...and i begin to imagine if i would make hell or heaven...and really am not sure and so is many other people i asked...

Molara Brown

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  1. Here's a perfect example of what I love about the world of blogs. A young woman in Nigeria can post an inquiry as to Heaven and Hell and a middle-aged guy from Boston can interact.
    Here's where I go with the question...
    what if there is no heaven OR hell? What if this is it. Then how do we behave as humans? It seems to me that folks around the world are brutal to one another regardless of their beliefs.
    And good to one another as well.