Lockdown Chronicles - Living through the pandemic

How is every one doing out there?
I have been home working from home for 2 months now. The last day I stepped into an office building was March 12!
Occasionally, working from home has been my norm for the past 4 years. I got 2 days a month at Anakle and with Ping Express, 4 days a month.

It's been tough this past few months dealing with grief and then also struggling with the anxiety brought on with the pandemic. I have not gone beyond the front of our gate since March 25 ( minus a weekend I spent at my mum’s which is story for another day).⁣
I thought I was prepared for remote work but to be honest after week 3, I was done. I miss the commute and I miss the noise. I miss going to sit with a colleague or the short walks from one office to another.⁣ I try to stick to a schedule and make sure to sign off work at 6. Focusing is not an issue because there is work todo. I don’t have a designated lunch time, I just eat whenever I am hungry. The only thing keeping sane during this lockdown is work.⁣
It's so hard trying to focus on the positives but in this midst of this madness and sadness has been some good news.

Last month, I turned 35!
Miss Rona made sure there is no trip to celebrate it but then I am grateful.
My anxiety had been out of the roof following my cousin's death and I was so scared of reaching that milestone.

Ramadan is in town so I didn't even mind since miss rona already made sure I was stuck in the house. Best thing was to spend the day praying and getting to speak with friends and family.
My next two birthdays (36 and 37) will also be in the month of Ramadan, I am not even sure how I feel about it.  Right now, I am using these moments to improve my relationship with God.

Facebook just reminded me that I moved to Bonn,  Germany on this same day 8 years ago. Interesting how much has happened since that day. 

I miss travelling but I don't think I will be amongst the first to experience the world of travel when the pandemic is over. I might travel locally, take road trips but flying will take the back seat for now.

Last month I also started working with a new employer. 
In the month of March, I ended up with 2 job offers and I had to do a lot of thinking, accessing the direction of my career and questioning before I made up my mind on my current employer.

I am curious to know how we are all doing out there. Do you stick to a schedule or pretty relaxed with your structure? Are you looking forward to life back in the office or loving the work from home life?⁣ I’ll love to read your thoughts and experiences these past few months.


Molara Brown


  1. Blessings......
    Sorry for your lost. No words are adequate to soothe the ache so I won't try. I too suffered some loses. I am taking it moment by moment.

    I too am working from home. I don't mind it at all. Actually I love it. sure there are pros and cons but much of life is filled with those.

    I do keep a schedule, i rise with prayers of gratitude and thankfulness on my lips and with my heart. I go through my hygiene routine then dress for work. Yes I actually dress as if i am going to work. I put in a full day each day. What has been good is that I usually take my lunch break. Often at the office I would work straight through. I find working soothing as I don't have to navigate the office politics as that stuff has an energy all on its own.


    1. Thank you Phoenix.

      I guess we all have to be grateful for these days and all we have.

  2. Honestly, some days are good and some are not. Working from home is tough even when there are lots to do. Separating work from life outside of work is a little difficult but definitely way better now. Rona needs to pack up and leave

    1. I am really looking forward to Rona to go oh.
      It is super exhausting and with all that is happening in the world right now we all need some sort of sanity.

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