Association of Nigerians in Hyderabad

I was persuaded to attend the Nigerians living in Hyderabad meeting which took place on Nov 27th, 2 Saturdays back a day before the scheduled meeting. I ran into some Nigerians at an Ugandan Intern's farewell dinner and they sha will not let me rest until I agreed to come for the meeting. Instead of me to have jejely continue my sleep after the marathon, I carried my legedis benz to the Nigerian quarters here in Hyd.

The meeting was supposed to discuss the issues Nigerians face here in Hyd and particularly to elect new representatives for the state of Andhra Pradesh. Lets just say Nigerians been Nigerians, no election took place, in short nothing was achieved. All we had was people ranting, and people trying to beat each other up.

A couple of weeks ago, it was in the newspaper that some Nigerians were caught with fake credit cards and it was written that most of the scammers come into India disguised as student when they are actually  committing crimes. Investigations revealed that the guys caught were actually Cameroonians who were in possession of the Nigerian passport. Their records at the FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) brought this part of their actual citizenship to light, but no one came back to correct the mistake in the newspaper.

Whenever a crime is committed in Hyd, in India in general by a black person, Nigeria is the first name on their lips. I read of a case where some female student accused a Nigerian of introducing her to drugs in a party. I am not saying my people are entirely innocent, but really proper investigation needs to be done before making such accusations. The Indians are refusing to rent their flats to Nigerians. Black Boys are getting stopped on the road by the police and if you do not have proper documentation on you at moment, especially if you now happen to be a Nigerian, drugs is the first thing you' re are searched for.

I have really never encountered any of this harassment before, but this was one of the issues which was supposed to be trashed out at the meeting.

The week before, someone called for a meeting and few people showed up, infact 80% of the people who showed up on the 27th were not at the previous meeting. Election was held that day and some people were selected. The election was annulled because some people complained that there was no proper representation. I heard ish such as the Hausas were not represented, the Yorubas dominated the meeting, people from some areas were not present, bla bla bla.

There was also the issue of the past executives, of which the erstwhile president was silently been accused of embezzlement or should I even call it mismanagement of funds. The disputed amount is said to be 27350 INR which is 90255NGN on a exchange rate of 3.3NGN to 1INR.

According to the agenda prepared which was shared for everyone, election was suppose to take place first then every other business. They sha dabarued everything and we all sha found ourselves discussing issue number 2. I swear I have never seen any magomago like this before. The erstwhile president who has practically done nothing for long time, said he was resigning and by the power vested on him, handed over power to his Vice President. The Vice President too, feeling power hungry was so happy to be wielding his power anyhow. Everyone started arguing left, right, centre. Some wanted the election to hold, majority did not even understand what the hell was happening and I was one of them. 70% were there to make sure no election takes place. I swear the meeting felt like an SUG meeting. Everyone wanted to talk, some people were shouting others opinion down. This our yeye habit of nobody is better than me, nobody can tell me what to do was very much in display.

After 4hours of ranting, meeting was adjourned till last Sunday with nothing achieved. Thank God, I did not waste my energy to attend the meeting this last Sunday because I was informed it was still same crap and still no election or way forward for anything.

All I can say is Nigerians, I hail thee.

N.B: I got my visa extended, I have not had internet for the last 2weeks and also just moved flats....everything  has been crazy lately but all settled now.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. You know what they say about bad news sticking better than good? That is the story of our people. It is such a shame that people think we are synonymous with bad things. The other day I was at a salon run by Cameroonians and they were playing a nollywood movie, come and see the way they were just dissing Nigerians? We pride ourselves as sharp people, but sometimes this sharp-ness is what makes people run from us. We need to look inwards and change.

  2. Smh...Nigerians sha!

    May God help us

  3. It only takes a few people to cast doubt on others. Here in the States there are problems with an unscrupulous group who run scams saying a person has won money but first has to send money for the winnings to clear Nigerian customs. But people know it's the work of a few and that it's the work of a few, like with criminals everywhere. Look at what happened with the Bernie Madoff scheme in New York City, for example.

    For some reason I thought you were returning to Nigeria.

    Sorry, but could you please lighten your background color? It's very difficult to read, but I hang in there because what you write is so interesting.

  4. SMH............and i was thinking its only nigerians in nigeria that act like that, obviously, its everywhere

  5. Wow! congrats on your extension o! U are blessed...
    People always think I am being snobbish when I tell them I dont want to be a part of all these things that look like what you just described here...
    Yeah, someone needs to make that change, but as of now, I dont even have the energy. Even our small organization in so so time wasting and lousiness dey always happen for the meetings...
    Nigeria, I follow Lahrah hail thee!

  6. It happens everywhere, Lara.
    When I was in Singapore, that was the same story; accusing Nigerians and mismanagement of the Nigerians association by its leaders; same even in Wellington, NZ and it led to the annullment of the association in Wellington. The only one standing is the Auckland and Christchurch ones...
    May God help Naija o!

    - LDP

  7. They were just displaying the "nigerianness" in them. *smh*

  8. My Nigerian people... to be honest i love them.. i just wish some of them did not come with the drama. as for the people going around parading as nigerians... that gets to me soo much! really unfair!

  9. Naija peeps... showing themselves since 1960!

    I kinda like the fact that you wrote this post the Nigerian way, use of words I mean (e.g mago mago, dabaru)I can picture everyone talking at the same time, in a combination of English and local dialete laced with untagged accents too... and a few just nodding and trying unsuccessfully to understand everyone's point simultaneously!

  10. 'dabaru-ed' lol. Been a long time i heard or used that term.
    Naija Associations? Politics? Pls flee from all associations with such groups! If I am in a strange land, help me cause i am human and your neighbor. Thats enough for me.

  11. There's always a trait of uniqueness that distinguishes the people on the face of the earth and of course Nigeria and Nigerians are unique in their own ways...Indeed Nigeria is blessed!!

  12. Interesting to read through your release as well as general comments .