1 Year in India

On the 15th of Dec made it one year I landed in the incredouble land called India.
It has not been easy, don't mind all those pictures of me jumping all around, all those tweets and bbm status.
To survive in India; one needs emotional and mental stamina, especially the emotional stamina.
I remember the early days when I got so frustrated and wanted to just pack up my load and go back to Naija.

I remember my state of mind when writing the Cultural Difference: Definition of communication post.  I have come a really long way from that period. Then I could not have even imagined myself extending for 6more months on my team. Going home in May and I would say this has been a life changing experience for me.

I wrote an article on my Indian journey in the Afroelle Magazine. Please read my story Hyderabad Life: The City of Pearls here:  bit.ly/tjwClV

Christmas is in one week, but there is no single sign here, we do not even have any holiday. Merry Christmas in advance everyone. May the new year bring us many more joy, pleasant surprises and  good health.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. good thing is.. you have made the best of it... nice one...

  2. I guess since christianity is not the main religion in India, Christmas won't be a big deal.
    Happy Indian anniversay, lol.

  3. merry xmas to you too love. anywhere outside home is always a big adjustment

  4. Compliment of the season dearie.

  5. Hope you are enjoying the christmas/holiday season there...Merry christmas!

  6. Interesting to know they dont celebrate Christmas in India. Compliments of the season to you Lara and thanks for your comment on my status update on fb today. U rock!

    - LDP

  7. Happy anniversary, dear. And Merry Christmas to you. I'm sure you'll celebrate it in your own way and enjoy!

  8. Hope your one year anniversary went well. Despite the initial upheavels, new places and cultures gives us another perspective to life and I believe makes us a bit more open minded.

    Have fun :)

  9. I remember the first day I landed in India (October 2007)I was truly afraid. The stares alone was close to driving be back into the airport. So much happened during those 18 months of tears, adventure and irreplaceable memories. In all, when I left Mumbai finally in 2009, I was definitely a more aggressive person that I was in 2007. I cannot believe that I survived the Incredible India. Some people say if you can survive Nigeria, you can survive anywhere. For me, India is the ultimate survival nation. If you can survive it.. anything else will be chicken change.