Flat love


I love my heels
But I have turned to flats for 2 reasons.
I sprained my ankle in January and heels hurt for now
and I work in a heels unfriendly environment, before I will go and do "oge"and break leg or neck.
So for now I am rocking my flats.

It days like this that I miss living in Europe, I  actually wish I am strolling the summer streets of Europe in them.

I can't wait to go on vacation to that side of the world, even though that is no longer possible for me this year.

The shopaholic in me already reactivated, I also got this heel, which I wore to an ex-colleague turned friend's wedding,

I hope everyone had a nice holiday
Even though I had promised myself not to do any office work over the holiday, my Oga didn't let me rest.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Till I come your way again with a proper post.

Molara Brown


  1. I'm def team flats all day erryday. SO you wear 39 hmnn "mistakenly" buy 38 now so i can come steal from you *grin*

  2. Work also doesn't make me wear heels... We miss travel pictures and tales :)

  3. I wear Flats all the time. I rock heels only when i'm going to a wedding and i hate going to weddings so... and sometimes to important work meetings