What I didn't like about Benin Republic

I am going to start sharing my Benin Republic story by talking about what I didn't like about our beloved neighbors. I went to Benin Republic with an open mind, I didn't even Google the country, I left all the planning to my friend, Sandra, which is very unusual for me.

The one thing which made my skin crawl was the poking and extreme touching. This touching/poking is worse that when Yaba boys drag you to come buy those okrika clothes by force.

Imagine you're standing on the road and the next minute some hands touch your skin and you are simply moved an inch from a spot and the next thing you see the culprit walk right pass you. No words, no glance, nothing.  I was standing in a spot and next thing I know, I was been moved by a man who could have just told me to please move myself. Like I was literally carried from one spot, just so mister man can pass.

I told one to stop touching me and he said, "Na for Nigeria una dey carry Ebola, no Ebola for here",
I was speechless.

All through the 3 days I spent in this nation, I was to suffer the fate of "illegal touching".

I also found Beninese to be very aggressive, not as aggressive as Nigerians but aggressive all the same. I was on the street and the next thing I felt tire on my skin, I turn expecting the man to at least apologize or something, mumu started abusing me in French.

Oh and those people, telling the world Nigerians are the ones desecrating their land are just busy deceiving themselves. These people are equally as greedy. I was charged N500 to register my passport on my way out of their country, after paying N1300 to get it stamped. The man practically seized my passport and said if we don't pay, he won't give us our passports.

To be honest, I was irritated most of the time and vowed not to visit the country again. But then, my friends and I are planning another trip down there, this time wiser.

Mum said Seme border is the worst border ever and that I should have gone in through the Idiroko border, hoping I have a different experience when next I visit.

Till the next post, au revoir.

Have you been to Benin Republic? What was your experience? If you haven't been, would you be interested in going?


Molara Brown


  1. Wow, that's shocking. I heard from someone they were quite laid back. Maybe your next trip will be better.

  2. I've heard similar stories and wasn't impressed.
    I've been the other end to cameroon and found them more friendly and laid back.
    Hope the next trip is better though.


  3. I have been to Benin but it was a group kinda trip with about 10 of us so it was quite fun. We were actually going to Togo so we just spent a night there. It was fun though. I do remember a lot of women riding motorcycles (Okada) though which i found so weird.

  4. Are you serious? Wow. I have never been there. Thanks for the enlightenment. Now I know what to expect if I should ever have to visit.

  5. Awww. I didn't experience any weird touching when the hubby and I went last year. We had a relaxing time, but I don't think it's a place we'd visit again.

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