Social Media Week Lagos - #VisitNaija: A Tweetup for Travel Story-tellers

I got to attend one of the events of the recently concluded Social Media Week Lagos and you guessed correctly, I got to attend the one which involved travelling...the whole event was a whirlwind and I was kind of sad that I really did not get to attend enough events...I actually blame myself for this.

I met a lot of people and I was actually quite shocked to meet a lot of people interested in travel, especially solo travellers..I was quite an eventful day and I was glad I attended.

Getting ready for the event

With Folarin of NaijaTreks

♥ Lara



  1. You looked great, and the others too. I recognize Folarin and Pelu, wonderful travellers and sights seekers :)

  2. sounds like an awesome event. I need to start reading more Nigerian/African Traveler blogs. I don't meet a lot of black people, let alone Africans on my travels

  3. Lucky you Lara. You'r looking good!I got loads of invites for different events marking the social media week, but it was a time that my family had to be together over the loss of a loved one. I hope to make it on a next time.

    1. Sorry about your loss Debby.

    2. So sorry about your loss Debby, may the Good Lord grant you and your family the strength to go through this. E-hug

  4. Nice Pics, you sure had fun Lara.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Enjoyed this post and you look great.

  6. Looking good Lara and you met up with Naija Treks. Cool! Bloggers unite :)

    For someone who claims to be IT literate I didnt understand how to get involved during the social media week. pity. I' m sure I could have benefited.