LoL is 6

This blog is 6 years old today...
I cannot believe I am still blogging till today. 

That is a screenshot of my first post on this blog above.

It was a thankful post and I was grateful for the year 2006...
I actually heard about blogger in 2005 when I attended an AIESEC International conference but I was too busy to pay attention to the whole gist.
I remember the day when I actually created the blog account, I was having an online chat with a friend and the AIESEC mentor, Kenoma Agbamu and he convinced me to read other AIESECer’s blog and document my own AIESEC journey.

I recently read some of my old posts and I can’t help but notice the difference, the growth and the path this blog has taken over the years. I have grown just as this blog has grown.

I would like to say thank you to everyone of you who reads this blogs, for the comments and following...this blog is going no where anytime cheers to many more years of my ramblings.

♥  Lara 



  1. There you go...1st!
    And happy anniversary LOL.

  2. Yaaaay! Happy 6th blogging year abi? that the greeting shey? lol...

  3. Congrats. Blogging is definitely not easy so the fact that you've done it for so long is commendable. Hope you're doing well, lady.

  4. That's been long! Congratulations! Cheers Ms. Lara.

  5. Blogging 6 years shows commendable consistency. Congrats and I look forward to reading more from you.

  6. 6years is amazing! Congratulations

  7. Congrats! You are consistent.
    Following you now.

  8. Lara, thank you very much for your anwser but do you happen to know where I can find my RSS feed? Thanks!
    Congratulations on being in the blogosphere for six years. It's a really long time!
    You are an AIESECer too?! I just currently enrolled myself for the ambassadorsprogramme.


  9. Aww! Amazing! 6 years! And yes, you've been consistent too. Trust me, there are just a 'very' few (note the emphasis on 'very') like you still around. Thumbs up, sis! Keep the fire burning!

  10. Wow! 6 years! That's major motivation for me. Happy anniversary. God keep you and LoL.


  11. blessings and congrats on 6 years...
    i don't think i have ever counted mine, hmmmmm, perhaps i shall.

    great weekend to you.

  12. CONGRATS! you left a comment on my blog a while ago. Finally finished exams. Now following you miss:)

  13. Lahrah, congratulations. May this blog outlive even the owner. I find your blog very revealing fascinating. I am also an AISECer all be it an ancient one from Ghana. I had my traineeship in 1988/89 with Citibank in Zurich. In our time we didn't have blogs and the internet was just coming up. It was really fun and the experience gained has served me very well. I can see how AIESEC has evolved over the years. Recently I have resolved to get involved more in AIESEC alumini events. May be we will bump into each other way one of these days at an AIESEC International alumini event who knows. Keep the AIESEC spirit flying high.

    1. Wow, that was such a long time...I was still in diapers then...the old generation AIESECers...may be I get to attend the alumni event some day and we shall meet.