The Reunion-Munich

The Colombian has still not changed, somewhere in that boy's gene is an Ijebu man's blood.
He toured the whole of Munich on foot, as in imagine someone walking all the way  from the Island to Agege. It was good to see my flatmates again, even though 2 people were missing. I have not seen both of them since last year. We all had stories to share, how life has been different since we all left the incredible masala land. I know we all agreed on one thing Europe is boring and how life in India is irreplaceable. It is memories we will all cherish and tell to our grand-children.

Munich is slightly different from Bonn, although it is a bigger city. The Cathedrals are everywhere,  I think we stepped into about 5 of them. It makes one wonder how many people were present in these cities back in the days because all the churches are massive.

Till we meet again, below pictures are the memory of the wonderful people I shared my life with in India.
The CD collection is awesome, wish I had this kind of passion.

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. OMG@pic3!!!!!You have some fineeeeeee a$$!!!!!

    1. lol is that all you could see

    2. I wish it was that big was the wind giving me extra

  2. Absolutely beautiful have the eyes for good things....

  3. You're a good photographer. Nice pics.

  4. I feel like travelling now...

  5. You're officially my window into the outside world :)

  6. miss Lara, i dont know what to say to u again oo..seriously!!
    ure too muah with ur pictures and camera, pulling stunts anyhow and making us wish we should leave everything else we're doing and join you on board...tis not fair @all oo :D

  7. Lovely look good as well.

    How do I get this comment structure where I can reply individually to comments made? :(

  8. Please I want to travel the world o!! Lara! Sigh... Lovely pictures.

  9. Munich is your finest city so far!! That castle is wow! Do they still have eligible Princes living there lol.
    Meanwhile that your blue pair of boots dey enter my eye. cuteness!

  10. I love your pictures!
    I want to visit India one day too.