Once upon a child
Her eyes in awe of her world
Full of innocence and happiness
She had so many dreams.
She wanted to visit the world
Become a lawyer.
Get lost in the world of him, her Prince Charming.
Those were her dreams once upon a time.
That was the music of her dreams which she listened to once upon a time.

Her dreams shattered into pieces.
Mama was sick for a long time
The doctors said she had cancer.
Papa sold everything they had but still that was not enough to save mama.
Mama went away to heaven taking with her all the family wealth.

Then Alhaji came along,
He promised papa he will give him the money to start up the new business.
only on one condition would he be this generous
If papa will give him, her hand in marriage.

Papa adamantly refused
But then again, he thought of how he would take care of 4 children.
This offer was too good to pass on.

She would have none of it.
She is just 19.
But then papa can not afford to feed them all any more
Having 3 square meal in a day is luxury.
She has to consider Ade, Moni and Gbemi
What will become of them if she does not accept alhaji's proposal.
Papa cannot take care of all of them.
If she accepts the proposal
Papa would be able to send them to school
They will have the better life.

She must give up her dreams to make life better for papa and the children
The many colors of her dream will now be overshadowed by reality
now she is stuck between her dreams and her reality.

And the pieces chime, she is alone in this.
She must and will now live her dreams through the lives of the younger ones
because for them,
She have decided to become Alhaji's 2nd wife
and adorn the niqab.

NB: I see a lot of people misunderstood my last post or rather some decided to quote me out of context. The post is about what I do not like about them, that does not mean I hate them (if I do why would I spend 17months of my life there). I loved my life in India and it is history I would love to re-live over and over again. There just has to be something I did not like about them abi, despite the love I have for the incredible nation.

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. Hmmm...I hope this isn't inspired by a real life story. Leaves me cold. Have a lovely week, dear.

    1. it is just my brain inspiring itself oh, no real life story.

  2. Sad story and well crafted...


  3. sometimes, dreams can become fairy tale
    and life can be unfair
    but, there will always be a way out if we faint not.

    thanks for sharing

  4. @adura....this is a lot of peoples lives believe it.
    @thw post...alot of people sacrifice their dreams to save others and only a few of them get appreciated in the end. i only hope her siblings understand her sacrifice and dont turn their backs on her. well put togeteher.

  5. What Sacrifice! may she be greatly rewarded.

  6. This is the sad and scary reality for many young girls...

  7. Selfless love. I hope they realise what she's doing for them and totally appreciate it

  8. Its realities like this that make me grateful that I'm not from the North...or that I'm educated and enlightened(becuz one can be educated and not enlightened)

  9. how are you doing? Love your writing, keep it up. I officially called ya my blog sister.lol always supporting me blogging, thanks a lot :=)

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