The Skinny-Fat me

Madam, you never see your daughter? Asked the Customs Officer.
No oh, said my mum.

My mum was actually looking for the skinny girl who left Nigeria in 2010, she did not believe all the stories my sister told her about me being fat or having my hair shaved off. I turned around as soon as I got my luggage and she had this surprise look on her face. She could not believe it.

I have pretty much always been a skinny girl, I only got fat in late 2009/early 2010 while busy sleeping everyday with no job. I remember people's reaction to my fatness then and that was the only time I have ever been really fat...I lost all the weight the moment I started working again in Lagos.
I gained most of the fat then by sleeping and doing nothing, I was never one for food. I came across some really skinny pictures of me from 8years ago, my jjc days in the university...kai young shall grow was my name.
As a child, I hated food, a slice of bread was too much for me to finish...the house-helps always force-fed me and they had the power to beat me up if I refuse to eat.

Flaunting the lepacious body in Malaysia
June 2011
I really don't know where all the fat came from self, for a long time in India I was slim and I remember always telling my team-mates that I needed to get fat. By November 2011, I was already looking round.

The lepa that arrived in India
The Orobo that arrived Nigeria in 2012

I am still not really a food person, I get to eat a lot nowadays sha and my mouth never stops moving. I am always popping something into it, I need to limit my ijekuje.  I have gained 5kg since I arrived in Bonn, nothing was lost to the fast self, my housemates are too blame for this :P. I am too lazy for the gym, I cannot go on a diet self.

Till I decide on what to do, I shall continue deceiving myself. Whenever people ask why I am now fat, I would give the exact response a friend gave, "I went to chop peace of mind".
I will not kill myself biko.

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. You are still okay. Those were the things I used to tell myself. Try to eat only when you are hungry. You can still curb the weight now without too much hard work. But the more you gain, the higher the mountain to climb. Ko easy o:)

    1. ko easy rara oh, this my own mouth does not have brake at all.

  2. Naijalines took the words right out of my mouth. You're okay. But if you feel you need to loose weight, well, go for it. Ima cheer you on :-)

  3. U r not fat, but the one thing u don't want to do is to keep gaining weight. You need to nip it in the bud now cos losing weight is hard!

  4. I have definitely been here babe. Lol skinny minny, skin and bones, BONEY; chai, my tormentors were mean o. Lol, then I gained a ton of weight post college, and my tormentors started harassing me to lose weight.


    They don't know what they want.

    I'm comfortable now, and happy sha. If you're happy with the weight, then keep it. You still look flawless either way!

    1. those tormentors ehen, they just stress someone's life and not allow you enjoy the peace of mind self...kai, it is well.

  5. LOL @ your mum not recognizing you. LMAO @ "I chop peace of mind". You look good dear, but you just be careful sha so you don't "overchop" it.

  6. I think living abroad can definitely has its toll on a woman's pant size. I mean theres so much to food to try. You actually look good :) As long as you dont continue to gain. you can munch on fruits and veggies, sugar free snacks and reduce your portion. I find eating with small plates helps to control your portion sizes. And you don't feel full all the time, in other words, don't overeat :)

  7. heheh@ "I went to chop peace of mind".
    I'm actually liking the 'fuller' you cos i don't think you're that fat. Like people already said, you just need to watch it.
    Me sef need to "chop some peace of mind" biko, i need some junk *cough* in my trunk ;)

  8. you look great and i agree with @toinlicious i see "fuller" not fat. Please hook a sister up o and tell me "your secret/peace of mind"...lool

  9. You just scared me, so it means I might just wake up one day and realize I'm no longer skinny?
    By the way, you don't look fat at all

  10. lol. you don't look fat, ure o.k

  11. Like everyone else, I don't think you're at 'fat' yet. Perhaps the thing is not to get there? Also, how tall are you?

  12. Great pics. I don laff tire. Still laughing at "I went to chop peace of mind".

    Enjoy the new you. You're not fat, except your camera tell lies.

    1. I think my camera is telling lies oh, because everyone has been tormenting me that I am fat...well these are people that are used to skinny me.

  13. You dont look fat to me
    Just right...BUT watch the portions sha or you'll end up like me LOL

  14. Just take it easy, I won't call you fat yet, but your peace of mind is definitely showing, you look fresh! :)

  15. 4 different countries in 2 posts? I'm jealous. New here so not really sure what u do but I'm a tourist at heart and would gladly give up my 9-5 to tour the world. I shall try to be regular.

    P.s- I don't think u r fat o.

  16. Blessings.....
    It is this kind of thinking that have people dying to be thin, where anorexia and bulimia are at a rise! I look at you and I am shocked and dismayed that you think you are fat. I will not call you fat and trust me when I tell you I know what fat is.

    Certainly a healthy lifestyle is best, an equal serving of fruits, vegetables, meats/poultry, portion size and some activity however do not get carried away and become the "skinny-unhealthy" now the rage, where women look healthy but are really not because they have adopted unhealthy means of staying "skinny" some of which can lead to if not careful bulimia ( basically binging and purging-an illness in which a person binges on food or has regular episodes of overeating and feels a loss of control then uses vomiting, laxatives, enemas, or diuretics to prevent weight gain.), anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception ) and body dismorfia disorder (BDD-a type of mental illness, a mental disorder, where the affected person is concerned with body image, manifested as excessive concern about and preoccupation with a perceived defect of their physical features). All of which leads to sever health issues and death, it’s more important to maintain a healthy balance. Please be mindful of toxic thinking that is disguised as “helpful” it is can be as deadly on the psyche.Do not be a statistic on "dying to be thin."

    Have a blessed day.

  17. ur soo lucky
    i wish i could loose nd gain weight like u.
    ive been stuck in lepa mode for a very long time.

  18. You're still lepa o, Lara.. lol
    If you see orobo, you sef go bow! lol
    Come and see Islanders here in NZ, you will know you are extremely lepa sef. lol

    - LDP

  19. You are definitely not fat. Lose weight if and because you want to/because you want to be healthy and not because of people's pressure. You can still keep your mouth moving, but move it with healthier stuff (easier said than done sha). Good luck.

  20. Lol, nice response to the why are you fat question jare!

    Ur not fat tho

  21. Look, let's be honest, when comparing ur old and new pics, if u moved from size 8 to say 14 then u're fat! If u're still pegged on 12 then maintenance is all u require. Weight isn't easy to lose so watch it... Meanwhile, keep flaunting those curves, nothing do you!